1. So vaccinated people should wear a mask, but don’t have to wash their hands anymore?

  2. All along I have pretty much ignored the fact that at least half this country is easily controlled by media. I don’t associate much with the general public so it’s not difficult. Mask? Fuck you. I’m not a child and it’s not Halloween. The one exception was last summer when I went to Menards and the assholes wouldn’t let me in without buying an 88 cent blue mask right on the spot. I conducted my business then dropped the mask in the can when I left. I haven’t been back. fuk em ded

    It’s fairly easy to avoid idiots when you remove yourself from their environment and coercion, but you do have to become mostly self sufficient which is probably too difficult for cucks and whiners.

  3. I have lately (after vaccination) gone sans mask because at some point, we have to take a stand against the mask madness. I am quite frustrated at the CDC and St. Fauci. Fuck them. And fuck all the half-wit Biden voters who wear their masks in their fucking cars!

  4. A couple of days back I stood behind a woman in the checkout line at Central Market who was wearing TWO masks — a cloth one, and paper one. She glared at me (maskless), and it took all my willpower not to stick my tongue out at her.
    She probably would have freaked out knowing that I was also carrying a gun…

    It must be hell to go through life in such a fearful mindset.

    1. “it took all my willpower not to stick my tongue out at her.”

      Shoulda done it, Kim.

      1. No, without a body cam with sound, she would have claimed you spat at her, and that’s like releasing Sarin gas nowadays.
        It was very clever a year ago to position wearing a mask as protecting others and not yourself. The easily cowed believe that your mask is to protect them from the Black Death of Covid, so when you don’t wear a mask you are endangering her life, because not wearing a mask is more dangerous to others than firing bullets into the air.

  5. I wear a mask where required (in three weeks I’ll be among the fully-vaccinated, then “where required” changes somewhat). If a store requires one, I’ll wear one. Then again, I understand fully what the mask does, it protects others from potentially getting sick from ME (as surgical masks have done for some hundred years in operating rooms around the civilized world).

    Anyone comes up to me while fishing alone and complains about my maskless state is likely to get a fishing rod jammed in the terminal orifice of his/her alimentary canal (I’ll keep an old broken rod handy for such purposes, I’m not getting shit all over my good rods).

    1. “It protects others from potentially getting sick from ME ”
      A non-zero probability with Covid, and much larger probability for a doctor in an operating theater breathing over open wounds.

  6. I work part time retirement at a Wallys. Until April 20th of last year, no mask. Until June 20th, no customer was required to wear a mask. Until February of this year when the county health department started issuing weekly fines to the store for all mask infractions (mask not over nose, taking a drink of water etc) for both workers and customers, they never once enforced the masked rule on customers. Overnight people did not wear them when they worked. No one wears them in the break room even now.
    I only do it as a condition of my employment as I want to keep the job…..healthiest one I ever had.
    The better chart would be green unmasked with both fingers out on both sides.

  7. To carry a couple of comments one step further.
    Does ANYONE have any common sense or logic anymore ? Never mind. rhetorical question.
    What are they afraid of – If you have been vaccinated and are all protected ( supposidly ) and
    are wearing your armor – WHY THE HELL are you afraid of me without a mask ?
    You’re PROTECTED – remember ? HELLO !!
    NONE of what people are being told to do or not do, where to go or not go, on and on makes
    any SENSE ! It’s total confusion and contradiction, end to end and top to bottom.
    Organized insanity raised almost to an art form.

  8. AFAIK in Colorado we still have a mask mandate.

    This means that I will wear a mask going into a building, until I come out. Simply because it’s less of a pain in the ass than fighting with a bunch of twits *who can’t change anything*.

    But as I’m walking out the door, the mask comes off.

    Vaccinated? Yeah, maybe I’ll get around to it when international travel is a thing again. But in the mean time I’m in my mid-50s, I exercise outside daily (ok, sometimes that “exercise” is a 40 minute dog walk), I take my vitamin D on top of that, and get as much sleep as my body will let me. I work from home and I don’t take mass transit *anywhere*.

    So I’m not even in a hurry to get the vaccine.

  9. Fully vaccinated for six weeks now and have braved three of the local grocery stores maskless, and nobody has made a peep, except for one guy stationed at the door of HEB to offer free masks, who I told “Nope, don’t need one” and got the reply “No problem. Have a nice day.” I finally screwed up the nerve to go into my favorite liquor store without one. This store has particularly bossy, aggressive signage on the outside, but once inside nobody said a word except for the guy at checkout who was totally friendly and pleasant. So I’m done with the mask, except for the doctor’s office, where a mask might be a good idea even in non-pandemic times.

  10. I’ve been eating in an indoor restaurant every Friday evening for almost a year, only wearing a mask from door to barstool. I do that because most of the staff, including the GM, are my friends, and I don’t want some ill-tempered sheep to give them any guff.

    Besides, that transit takes less than 10 seconds, so I’ll give in to the Heckler’s Veto for that brief period.

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