1. Winner! On a side note, it disturbs me that I find it difficult to sex these animals, at least without more scrutiny than I am willing to use.

  1. Aunt Martha was still unclear on the concept of “nude” — and Uncle Cletus wasn’t happy about it.

  2. Guy on the right in a straining voice, “Why are we doing this here? Can’t we poop indoors?”

    Everyone else: “Carl!”

  3. Gladly leaving the bustle of ‘public life’ in his rear-view, Don (seen here in red cap) leads another of his pleasant ‘Advanced Nooner Meditation©’ series on the ‘generally enjoyable’ beaches at historical Mar-a-Lago!


    While leading another of his pleasant ‘Advanced Nooner Meditation©’ series, the ever-caring Don (seen here in red cap) checks on the well-being of a fervent devotee to ‘the cause’!


    Drawing another of his pleasant ‘Advanced Nooner Meditation©’ series to an enjoyable close, Don (seen here in red cap) glances in thanksgiving toward the warming rays of the Caribbean sun!


    Eagerly developing another powerful aspect of his ‘brand’ with his new ‘Advanced Nooner Meditation©’ series, Don (seen here in red cap) checks to ensure the Caribbean sun is following his carefully-plotted course!


    Relaxing on the beaches of historical Mar-a-Lago, the beloved American known as ‘Don to his friends’ enjoys a quick ‘Advanced Nooner Meditation©’ picker-upper!


    Accustomed to ‘carrying the load’ for eighty million of his chums*, Don (seen here in red cap) uses a thoughtfully-careful ‘crack’ one-side-then-the-other to re-align the vertebra in his powerful neck and shoulders!
    * your humble correspondent is emotionally quite moved by all we lost

  4. If they are not already aware, there is an old ( and VERY TRUE ) middle eastern saying that goes something like –
    That sand gets in EVERYTHING !
    Afterwards is when things become interesting !

  5. There was a line from “Train Wreck”, “From behind, you looked like a guy!”

  6. “Umm, Sue, when we said it was clothing optional, we didn’t really MEAN you should opt to wear some”

    “Umm, Sue, when we said you might want to opt for one article of clothing to keep the sand out of sensitive places, we thought you’d understand”

  7. Remember, ladies, feminist of the year will be decided no only on the volume of sand in your vagina, but also how long you can keep it there!

    1. Phelpsie, you are a sick and twisted man. That’s not a criticism, it’s acknowledgement.

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