Itchy Feet

I have to tell y’all, I got me some itchy feet.  I don’t mean for local travel — I got three days up and three days back from Boomershoot in my near future — I’m talking about strange places where people don’t speak English as their home tongue.

So when I get emails from people with stuff like this enclosed:

…lemme tell ya, it makes me want to pack the old kitbag and get over to the airport.

This Covid nonsense has given me the world’s worst case of cabin fever.  And as for Frankfurt:

I’ve been on this street before, I think, and although I dunno about “Eros” over there on the left, there are some serious bars to be enjoyed Over There.

Besides, my German has become schrecklich  through disuse, and I need to remedy that.  “Educational” —  yeah, that’s the reason for me to book that cheap ticket.


  1. I’d like to enjoy Kaiserslautern Strasse again, but it won’t be in an aluminum tube, but rather a real big boat. I’m just not in a hurry to get there. A few days of BIG ocean would do me just fine. And all that carnivorous grub at the onboard eateries.

  2. I tried e-mailing but addy did not work
    Should you require lodging en-route to the Palouse Country please allow me to offer our humble abode.
    We are located about 40 miles south of Rapid City, S.D. along Highway 79 which is a major North-South passage and connects with I-90 at Rapid City. From there it is nearly a straight shot West to Spokane and a jaunt down Idaho Route 95 to Moscow. (I drove it for years and lived in same dorm building as Joe Huffman!)
    Just a thought in case you need a driving break!
    John A. Moore
    13608 Lame Johnny Rd
    Buffalo Gap ,S.D. 57722

  3. The nice thing about Krautland is the density and the autobahns. Heidelberg is an hour from Frankfurt, Trier and Wurzburg a little further, Cologne maybe 2 hours.

    Paris is only 5 1/2 hours with a lot of stops on the way including some WWI battlefields and museums.

    My feet itch too.

  4. What they don’t tell you is that you have to quarantine for 10 days when you get there so you won’t be seeing anything other than your hotel room. That you’ve had the vaccine is currently irrelevant.

    1. If the ten days of compulsory hiding in a hotel cost (with meals and laundry) around $600-$700, then the extra time is baked in. Otherwise, it’s still too expensive to fly to Frankfurt am Main and watch German TV for 10 days.

      1. Not to mention that you must be tested on your 2nd and 8th day of your trip. My wife and I (used to) take a month off in the summer and visit her sister and BIL in Wales, with the obligatory side trip to Ireland for a whiskey and fishing tour. This will be Year Two of the Chinese Plague, so no go.

        Fuck you China. China is asshoe.

      2. More likely it’s several thousand dollars of compulsory hotel cost, WITHOUT meals and laundry.

        Not sure what hotels have been appointed as quarantine centers, but you can be sure they’re milking things as much as possible, and weren’t the cheaper hotels to begin with.

        And in Europe, hotels are usually priced per person, not per room. So that’s several thousand per person, even if you’re staying with 2-3 per room.

  5. The only places I’m voluntarily traveling are those that are ignoring covid bs. Texas, Florida, South Carolina… All places you could even bring a gun or two along also.

    1. You left off South Dakota…or did Kristi’s faux-pah over transgender sports turn you off too.

  6. Wouldn’t fly woke United even if they paid me for the privilege.
    Any company that puts the race and gender of their key staff before safety and proficiency isn’t worth the risk of flying with.

    1. @Jwent …
      I completely agree with your thought about united. Every time I step foot on a plane, I want Chesley Sullenberger or Al Haynes or Denny Fitch in the pilot seat. I suspect most (if not all) of the major US carriers have this sort of woke policy in place. United was just woke (dumb) enough to make it public. I hope their PR department feels really virtuous these days.

    2. Out of DFW, only Lufthansa (and not United) flies non-stop to FRA. It might be a United code share, but it’s still a Luftwaffe errrr Lufthansa German pilot.

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