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Via Insty, I see this little piece on people not falling for the Socialists’ gun panic pronouncements and concomitant bullshit anti-gun legislation:

Despite the overwhelming rhetoric machine that the anti-2A people have, a new poll shows that the American public’s taste for new and stricter laws has dropped a bit.

However, what caught my eye was the accompanying pic (from Oregon):

…AND it’s apparently a recent pic.

They must be having fewer gun purchases in Salem, OR — because here in Cuidad Tejas, a stockholding such as that would be cleared out in about 20 minutes on any given Saturday.

They probably have ammo too, the lucky bastards.


  1. My local death merchant in NJ is at least that well stocked for long-guns, but he has very limited ammo in common pistol and rifle calibers. He thinks the lack of ammo is hurting his gun sales – who wants to spend hundreds or thousands on a gun that you can’t shoot?
    I’ve mostly been shooting trap lately. Birdshot is still available although the price has doubled (so cheap compared to other ammo).

    1. As a small one-man gunshop in a VERY rural setting, I am able to keep a reasonable inventory, but with ammo right now, it’s tough. When an account rep at a distributor called and offered me one (1) of the year’s most in-demand pistols (a 9mm subcompact) he couldn’t understand why I would turn his offer down by asking him to at least include a case of 9mm ammo with the shipment. It’s as if everyone has 9mm growing on trees in the backyard.

  2. Used to shop there – 3 decent gun stores within a quarter mile. This was the only one with a class 3 license. Thought it was interesting that they carried a SWAT battering ram in stock. They had turnover in that item too. No reason for civilians to purchase one of them unless you are making bank knocking down drug dealers. They also had good prices on body armor. Oregon is a strange place (lived there 24 years). The I5 corridor is extremely liberal but the rest of the state is full of the “opposite” kinda folks

  3. “They probably have ammo too, the lucky bastards.”
    Ammo? I’m outside Portlandia and I strongly doubt it. Unfortunately.

  4. Both pistols and rifles are available in Atlanta in limited models. Oddball handgun and rifle calibers are in limited quantity and so is off-name brand 22LR. The 223/5.56, .308, 7.62×39, 9mm, 38/357, and 45ACP disappear as soon as they are put on the shelf even with a 1 box limit. Reloading powder and bullets are somewhat available but primers have not been on a shelf in over a year.

  5. Nice picture and interesting. I think that you will start to see, gradually and slowly – the way most things you don’t want to see start out – more and more displays like that one, Why buy a firearm, ANY firearm, if you can’t find anything to feed it or simply can’t AFFORD to take it out and shoot it ! At that point it becomes simply a very expensive rock, stick or wall decoration – which you may have to register anyway ! – Keep reading.
    OK, a show of hands –
    How many still believe that the ‘ammo shortage’ along with ‘reloading components shortage’ isn’t being done intentionally ? Powder, ANY powder is almost impossible to find AT ANY PRICE !
    If the manufacturers are really ‘producing product as fast as we can’ then where the hell is it going ?
    ‘We can’t get raw materials to produce product ! Really ? That’s convenient !
    It’s NOT going to any place I can find – locally or online. Yes a little trickles out now and then just to keep ‘interest’ high but I simply cannot believe that, a year in, the supply chain and quantities are
    the same as they were BC ( before covid ) and are STILL being bought out within minutes of showing up on the shelves. Sorry, no.
    Limit ammo, powder etc. until interest dies down to the point where firearm production FOR NON-GOVERNMENT customers slows or stops completely, THEN implement draconian laws so severe that very few will risk NOT registering their possessions ( HR127 anyone ? – or worse ) – and most law abiding citizens ( subjects ? ) will follow the law, then mop up – collect said possessions !
    Think not ? Maybe you’re right. God knows I HOPE you’re right but what I’m seeing, reading and hearing today, I wouldn’t have believed as little as 2 years ago !!!
    An almost flawless plan, NOT to eliminate the 2nd Amendment ( too difficult, messy and time consuming ) but just to remove its teeth and any ability to exercise its true intent and purpose.
    ( hint for some – it’s NOT hunting, skeet, target practice or mumbleypeg ( look it up ! ) )
    Oh and as a side benefit, a breathtaking increase in crime, which will not affect the elites in
    any way but, with victims clamoring for it, WILL allow the implementation of marshal law over time allowing COMPLETE CONTROL.
    PLEASE tell me I’m wrong and how.
    Have a nice day boys and girls.
    Now where is my tinfoil hat ? I just had it here somewhere !

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