Taken To Task

You know, when I talk about a gun that has taken my fancy (e.g. the gorgeous S&W Model 25 of last Friday), that doesn’t mean I think it’s the only good gun, nor even the best gun;  it just caught my eye and I felt like talking about it.

So when I drooled over the Model 25 (and 625), that didn’t mean I was ignoring others of the ilk, nor even saying ugly things about them.

Such is not the case among my Readers, yea even unto the Comments.  Saith Reader MPW250:

“Sorry, but being raised by one of the few (at the time) Colt New Service collectors, I have to disagree and go with a New Service in plain or Flat Top Target configuration.”

I know all about the New Service line — hell, back in the old Racist Republic, I used to carry a modified 1917 (shortened barrel, adapted to use moonclipped .45 ACP):

…because .45 Colt ammo was nowhere to be found in South Africa at the time, but .45 ACP was plentiful.

So don’t think I’m being dismissive of the Colt DA revolvers just because I was talking about Smiths.

And then there are the legions of Ruger devotees, such as Reader MikeL, who sent this to my email addy:

I have to disagree slightly on your choice of 45 revolver.
The model 25 is nice. Don’t get me wrong. However in addition to me being a much bigger fan of Ruger over Smith & Wesson – there is another factor.
The Ruger Redhawk 45. With the Redhawk you can not only chamber 45 ACP (using moon clips of course) but also 45 Long Colt.
This gives you a versatile tool.
Also with Ruger, according to Buffalo Bore Ammo, Ruger RedHawks can handle stout ammo. The Plus P 45 long colt approaches entry level 44 Mag level power.
And for those days when softer recoil is needed – 45 ACP or regular 45 Long Colt ammo types will do just fine.

Again:  I have nothing repeat nothing bad to say about the Redhawk — as with the 1917 above, I’ve actually owned one (albeit in the .45 LC-only version):

…and I loved the thing.

But (and I cannot stress this too strongly) on the day during which my gaze fell upon the S&W Mod 25 at Collectors, I didn’t see whether there were any Colt New Service revolvers, nor Ruger Redhawks either:  because I wasn’t looking for them.

So please:  when I drool over a gun, don’t think I’m making a comparison — unless I actually make a comparison (as I did between the two rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm last Saturday).  I know there are always different options, but let me rave on in peace.


  1. The current terminology for all that is “butthurt”.

    A lot of people these days can’t take someone’s opinion and consider it.

    They consider it a slight that what they think about their favorite thing isn’t being regurgitated and that someone may actually have a similar liking for something else.

    1. You’re right.

      I read Kim’s post as he intends. He compares things then it’s a comparison post. If he writes about something in particular then that’s the sudject of the post. Isn’t figuring out types of essays taught in junior high or high school?

      Thanks for the information and write up Kim! Enjoyable as always! I’ve learned quite a bit from you on firearms, cars, books, movies, music and of course other topics.


  2. Chill out here guys in the comments. I am not picking on Mr du Toit

    I want to see my fellow enthusiasts get the best for their money if they are even considering buying.

    If you read my email nothing is butthurt about it. I don’t care if he ends up liking the model 25 smith better.

    I was just pointing out a competitors product that is less expensive and has more capabilities.

    If he ends up liking the mode 25 better so be it.

    Mr Kim was showing the differences of opinion in the post.

    I love his content. Read it daily. And I always like to “talk shop” with fellow “gear heads.”

    Nothing butt hurt about it.

    Tell me you have never In your life bought something or even sought after something and then later said oh man I wish someone told me about x y or z.

    In the end. Buy what you want. Enjoy what you want. Lust after what you want.

    No hard time intended Mr. du Toit.

  3. I like the S&W stainless revolvers. I have only 1, a model 65 in 357Mag with the rare 4″ barrel. For whatever reason I shoot better using a revolver.

  4. I stared at the pitcher of the 1917, I thought back to the one I used to have before they were all confiscated, I stared at the pitcher some more, I thought: I like that gun, I like that hammer, I like that trigger, I like that barrel, I specially like that handle, I like everything about it apart from – I haven’t got one anymore.

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