Pre-Death Entertainment

Read this sad story first, then come back here for my thoughts.Of course, this is an absolute tragedy, and I can’t stomach the thought that this girl was still so traumatized after two years that she had to end it all.


Had this been me, and I’d decided to take my own life to escape the trauma, I would have made sure to go on a little spree-killing first.  Yup, the proper thing to do would be to murder the loathsome ex-girlfriend, and if possible her three friends as well, before having my own private necktie party.

But that’s just me.


  1. Agreed. If she had killed the culprits she might have been so elated that she wouldn’t want to kill herself. Perhaps a case of misdirected angst?

  2. she would have ended up with life in prison and no doubt killed by a prison gang in short order.

  3. The Ex and her friends “escaped jail time by pleading to assault with intent to rob.”
    An offense with a lesser punishment than assault with intent to do great bodily injury, apparently.
    I’m sure that part of the reason for her continuing fear and anxiety were caused by the fact that these females were not punished by the authorities.

  4. I heard an intriguing and valid point:
    * suicide will not end the pain… suicide merely transfers the pain.

  5. It seems that women tend to turn their destructive tendencies inward, while men direct them outwards.

  6. I watched my 12 and 14 year old sisters get into fights that ended with worse results than those pictures show. Pretty poor attempt at a beat down.

  7. “Assault with Intent to Rob” carries a non-custodial sentence? Damn. No wonder their cops don’t need guns. The system hardly inconveniences the skells.

  8. Kim,
    That is not where I thought you were going to go with this. The only surprise I saw in the story was her occupation – “Bouncer.” Does that have a different meaning in the UK than here? In the US, a bouncer means someone who ejects unruly people from bars. Maybe in the UK it means people who bounce up and down?

    I don’t think the ex-girlfriend/lesbian mob attack was responsible for her suicide. Rather, the same root cause for the suicide (severe mental issues) was the reason she was hanging around that particular girlfriend and her mob to begin with. Sad story when someone so young dies.

  9. One thing I have been saying for years is that more people believe in God than will admit it. The proof, I believe, is that people with terminal illnesses and suicidal thoughts don’t – “take a few with them”.

  10. If that was my daughter there’d have been at least 5 murders.

    Of course the 4 attackers, but I’d also do the fucking judge.

    Might even go after the barrister who let the defense get away with that crap if I have time before the swat team gets me.

  11. My first thought is always, what the fuck were her parents doing all this time? I’m with William above.

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