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Apparently some professor in Vermont has caused all sorts of issues by refusing to kowtow to the “racial equity” scam, asking:  “Would you please stop reducing my personhood to a racial category in your teachings?”

Predictably, calls have gone out for him to resign:

A petition calling for the resignation of Kindsvatter has earned over 3,400 signatures. The authors state that Kindsvatter’s statements are “harmful to our campus’ community of color.”


A rival petition — which has garnered over 4,400 signatures — asks that Kindsvatter assume control of all diversity measures at the University of Vermont.

I think the will of the people should be obeyed.

And in an increasingly-rare show of testicular fortitude, our guy has refused to resign.


  1. It is Vermont after, all, a state with just two seasons – Winter and the 4th of July. – A state where you can count the number of black people on one hand. and Where any serious discussion of race usually centers around Holstein , Jersey or Brown Swiss.

    ….. and UVM , an institution where diversity is still a theoretical discussion.

  2. I’m starting to get to the age when real doctors, not the residents or fellows, are becoming noticeably younger than my wife and I. Not sure that I like that, but having a larger cohort of women to find attractive works for me.

  3. Give it a week until the ones calling for resignation find a
    mimeograph machine ( dating myself – I know ) or, even better,
    any high speed copier and the situation will be –
    546,978,276 & 1/2 votes FOR resignation
    4400 votes AGAINST Resignation
    The ‘pro resignation’ types are slow on the uptake in many areas but when it
    comes to votes and counting – let’s just say they learned A LOT last November
    and what they learned has stuck and will be used !

  4. I’m surprised anyone is defending him. Usually academia stomps out dissent during Freshman orientation.

    Vermont is a weird mix of swamp Yankee and burnt out hippy. Look at Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame for an example of burnt out hippy. I lived up there for about 18 months. That was long enough. I think they have 6 months of winter and 6 months of poor snowmobile weather.


  5. skiin’s pretty good, but I never met anyone from UVM who could; seems they prefer the “splay” position

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