Perils Of Age

The other day I was skimming Teh Intarwebz, idly looking at smut pics of pretty women, and saw this creature:

I had (and still have) no idea who she is, but my lecherous gaze was somewhat tempered by my feeling of guilt for ogling a teenage girl.  (Of course, it turns out that she’s actually 30, so my guilt was misplaced.)

Which brings me to my point.

As we get older — I’m fairly sure I’m not alone in this — everyone not looking like the late Prince Philip looks about twelve years old, and I often wonder when we started promoting adolescents to positions of power and authority.

I’m not even talking about celebrity women, who with the aid of surgery can look decades younger than their actual age.  I’m talking about everyday people we see on television, who are supposedly in charge of some important function, but who seem to still need adolescent acne cream.

Then again, who cares?  As long as we can ogle the likes of Carol Vorderman, Annabella Sciorra or Jennifer Grey (all aged 60):


…I don’t really care that foreign policy is being run by someone who looks like Doogie Howser, or that Steve Urkel somehow became President of the United States.


  1. My good side says “But Mark, she’s young enough to be your DAUGHTER!”
    My bad side says “But Mark, she’s NOT your daughter!”

    Of course at age 57, a 30 year old is easily young enough to be my daughter (I’d even say 40, but if you knew me back then you KNOW that wasn’t happening).

  2. Call me when they say ” but she’s young enough to be your Grand Daughter. ” ( and still be 20+ )

  3. Hmm. Not even google can find that nipply image up there ^^^^.
    Kim, where are you finding these things, the dark web?

  4. Well, I can relate to your comments completely as I have now become the old man that I used to laugh at when I was younger……c’est la vie!

    Regarding the children in positions of power, (or in the case of the media, positions of perceived power) it pains me greatly to see these immature smug wimps setting policy.

    Ah, well………..

  5. It’s just not news agencies who have over promoted those with little experience to positions of responsibility. It doesn’t help anyone at all.


  6. As far as the December/May or if you’re younger Mrs. Robinson/Benjamin or even younger Stifler’s Mom/Finch goes, who cares? Tony Randall’s last wife was less than half of his age I believe. She had some interesting interviews on their age difference and the effect on their children. As long as they’re over 18.


    1. That last sentence is not a hard and fast rule around the world, you know. Sixteen in Britain, and possibly younger in some European countries.

  7. Carol Vorderman, Annabella Sciorra or Jennifer Grey (all aged 60):

    I was already in college when they were created.

  8. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older.
    When I was 20 I wouldn’t even consider “doing” a woman of 40.
    However, now that I’m 60 (plus) there are a lot of women in their 40’s that have me saying, “Yeah, I’d do her.”
    And is some cases, like Christie Brinkley, “… like a screen door in a tornado!”

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