1. It was one of the reasons Trump got elected. We finally got someone who was a lot of things, but polite and respectful wasn’t one of them.

  2. The Tea Party was the polite, civil response to government over-reach. Trump was the impolite, yet still civil response to further government over-reach. I don’t think anyone is going to like what comes next.

  3. Dan Rather should come with a trigger warning, too.
    Whenever he leaves his house, he should be required to be accompanied by a man with a 500 watt strobe light and 50 decibel siren like a smoke alarm, announcing his presence with a mega phone announcing his approach. Rather should also have to wear special clothing when he leaves his house. I suggest one neon orange shoe and one neon green, with flashing lights attached, a round red rubber nose and a raccoon cap with a long tulle gown over a horse blanket business suit (I imagine Cary Grant from “Bringing Up Baby” and the suits worn by Spike Jones and his City Slickers). All in the interest of preventing anyone from being caught unawares by his presence.
    This is appropriately “Honoring but Humiliating” for Mr. “Accurate but Fake.”

  4. Some peoples’s ‘addiction to the spotlight’ make crack look like M&M’s !
    He spent his professional life trying to be ‘Uncle Walter II’ – someone else I have no use for ! – and now he keeps coming back like a bad rash to display his wisdom to everyone and keep the rest of us ‘informed’.
    I once saw him on some panel discussing the war in Viet Nam with other ‘celebrities’. He stated that had he been embedded with our troops, that no, he would NOT warn our troops of enemy activity that he saw of was aware of because he was a reporter and his job was to report , not to aid our troops in any way.
    A military officer on the same panel told Gunga Dan that he found Dan’s remarks disgusting ! So did I and I still do. He and Hanoi Jane should have gotten together. Both could rot together in the same sack.
    Told me everything I ever needed to know about Dan Rather.
    Can’t this creature JUST GO AWAY ? !

  5. Could someone please inform me where the line will begin forming for folks wanting to p*ss on Mr. Rathernot’s grave once he’s finally deceased? I’d like to get there early if they’re not taking reservations.

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