New Cards

Oh, this is going to be good:

For the first time in over 85 years, Monopoly’s 16 Community Chest Cards are about to get a “long overdue” refresh, Hasbro announced Thursday.
According to the Monopoly website where players may vote, card options include rescuing a puppy to get out of jail free or being penalized for not recycling your trash.

Here are my suggestions for the new “Community Chest” cards:


And just for laughs, here are a few replacement “Chance” cards:


And one more update, this time to the board itself:  the “Free Parking” corner space

is replaced with another of these:

There’s no such thing as free parking anymore, and with all the new laws which keep getting added every year, your chances of breaking one and being sent to jail are a lot higher than when Monopoly was first designed.

Feel free to add your ideas in Comments.


  1. As Rod Serling used to say….for your consideration…

    Bank is robbed in front of you. Robber drops a Wilson Combat 1911 (in 45acp of course). You point it out to responding police officer to take as evidence. – pay 10,000 dollars

    Out of the blue Salma Hayek calls your cell phone and begs for sex right NOW. You hang up. – pay 5,000 dollars.

  2. Congratulations! You have unexpectedly been elected President.
    – But it wasn’t your “Turn”. Lose all your hotels

    There’s a Global Pandemic
    – Nobody needs to pay you rent until everybody passes GO! (Twice ).

    You have been Canceled
    – Lose 2 turns

    You buy an Electric Car.
    – For the next two turns, move only the amount of squares indicated on the smaller of the dice.

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