Some mook went berserk in a supermarket in Boulder CO a couple days back, killing ten folks including the cop who stopped him.

Police identified the alleged shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, as well as his ten alleged victims.  Sadly, the asshole wasn’t among the deceased.

Of course, Chuck The Schmuck Schumer immediately announced that he would be proposing a boatload of new gun control laws, without ever mentioning which if any his proposed laws would have stopped this particular crime from occurring had they already been in place.

I’m just amazed that this being Colorado, there wasn’t at least one armed citizen on the scene;  but maybe the fact that it happened in Boulder (a.k.a. Hippie Heaven) had something to do with it.


  1. Colorado is one of my favorite places in the universe. Sadly, when I left about a decade ago it had become Seattle lite, and is traveling directly down Pansy Avenue towards SanFranPussyville with its hands firmly affixed at 10 & 2.

    1. I lived in the Denver area for a few years in the early 90’s. It was still a red state then, but there was a lot of complaining about all the California people moving in and screwing things up. And now the takeover is complete, it seems.

  2. Bingo. He drove from Arvada where he lived approximately 1/2 hour away to the Victim Disarmament Zone known as Bolder. Colorado has become wussified in last 30 years since i lived there, but his plan would not have worked had he tried this in an Arvada supermarket. ( or almost any other Denver suburb ).

    …. and the Boston TV stations took their time before using his name in the stories they ran. It wasn’t until the last 1/2 hour just before the National News that they managed to use his name.

  3. “but maybe the fact that it happened in Boulder (a.k.a. Hippie Heaven) had something to do with it.”

    Apparently the store was marked as a “gun free zone”, which worked about as well as it usually does.

    1. Had he tried it at HEB in Houston, he might have gotten his ass lit up by a CCW citizen……

      Or at 99 Ranch Market, by a “non-rooftop” Asian…….LOL

  4. Boulder, like the rest of the state, used to be more of a live and let live kinda place. Heck, Soldier of Fortune magazine was based in Boulder. It always was Flakeville, of course, the fruit and nut capital of Colorado. A friend from the Bay area had to work in Boulder for a while years ago, even she thought thought the place was crazy.

  5. Just wanted to say I came here just to see that meme!!!!

    Aaaaaand it’s Muslims!

  6. The Bullied Muslim card is being played. Hard.

    Ignoring the reality that in life just about everyone has been bullied, and has bullied. (The way the Progs overbroadly define bullying.) And just a vanishing few ever have demonstrable mental health issues. And next to no one descends to mass murder.

    Context, Progs. Get some.

    1. thank you for posting that!!! I’ll have a smile all day. we need more sheriffs and MEs like that


  7. And Biden was briefed by the FBI that the shooter was an ISIS sympathizer. You wouldn’t know ir from his gun-grabbing speech.

  8. Where is the ‘offensive’ meme about a drug-addict suicide career-criminal suicide arrest-resisting counterfeit-passing suicide stuffing-lethal-doses-of-illegal-drugs-up-his-wazoo nincompoop caught while doing suicide nincompoopery?

    Because ‘united kingdom’ prosecutors are role-models for decency.

    And in other news, bureaucrats at The Bureau Of Justifying Our Existence released another whining press-release about rational people mocking their bureaucratic sacredness once again.
    [this comment may be widely distributed with your choice of government inserted in place of ” ‘united kingdom’ ” without incurring the wrath of bureaucrats everywhere, because, well… as any rational person knows, bureaucrats are irrelevant in the first place [looking at you, biden and anybody named ‘markle’]]

  9. I’m sure I’ve broken King Soopers’ gun policy many times because I pay no heed to anti-gun signs on the doors of stores. If I’m dressed, I’m armed. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. It’s sad that none of the other shoppers in the store that day didn’t have the same attitude.

    In response to Slant Eyed Polack’s comment, yeah, Colorado is an exceptionally beautiful place. I feel blessed to have lived here nearly all of my life, so it pains me that the state has taken such a hard turn to the left.

    That leads to a larger question: Why do so many of the places with most natural beauty end up being run by leftists? My own pet theory is that they flock to the pretty places then drive the conservatives out, but I’d love to hear other peoples’ take on this. Kim?

    1. From what I’ve read at the corporate website, King Sooper’s isn’t so much “don’t carry in our stores” as “don’t open-carry in our stores.”
      Same results though.

        1. I haven’t noticed any OC in my local (Tennessee) Kroger’s; but I’m not so much looking for them or CCW’s as I am keeping a watchful eye on the muslims shopping there.

    2. Locusts from California.

      Even the modest home bought years ago can be sold at a profit that allows them to come in droves to cheaper digs.

      You should see what they are doing in my neighborhood. They’ve driven the price up so much that it’s unaffordable to most young families (Which is what you want in the neighborhood life cycle). Now, yuppies in McMansions.

  10. In the People’s Republic of Boulder, I’d have been more surprised if someone was carrying.

  11. Whaa….he was an islamist?
    Nah, no way. Tomorrow the WaPo and NYT will confirm Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a Quaker, that his mother said he was a good boy, the neighbors said he was kinda quiet, that he found the assault magnum weapon with high bayonet capacity magnum clips at at an abandoned Trump militia group campground, and went into the store to turn in the assault weapon, when the gun just went off.

  12. Maybe Chuck the Schmuck should work on refugee reform?
    Like better screening, not taking in people who want to shoot up grocery stores, kill police officers, have severe mental health issues, things like that.
    Maybe a stream line the process to throw people out that don’t want to play be the laws of the land?

    Not a chance.

  13. Have been in that store a number of times and like any other location of mass shootings there is nothing that stands out as a place where that should happen.

    “Of course, Chuck The Schmuck Schumer immediately announced…”

    The left, and unfortunately all too often, the right, pour tons of bloody legislation into the tough to impress people who have no ability to think for themselves and are never pressed to tell us the horrible consequences of what they purpose. They tell you that it will fix this problem or that problem but they would never address the intended or unintended consequences of their actions. The hidden agenda is, of course, to disarm us completely for a complete takeover.

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