Of Course Not

Via Insty:

Of course, if his name was Bubba Gutshott Jr., there’d be outdoor signs, fundraising letters and CNN chevrons ablaze with his name for the next six months.  And you can be sure that the most egregious piece of anti-2A legislation would be called the “Gutshott Law”.

But a Muzzie?  “Never mind him, let’s talk about the gun he used.”

Fucking hypocrites.


  1. …. and yet despite the fact that the shooter was shown walking away from the scene toward the Police van, his “motives” are still “Unknown” .

    Here’s a suggestion. Try asking him.

  2. They are working over-time to establish the mentally ill narrative. Can’t be anything else, like jihad, rabid politics, etc. Mentally ill. Interviewed his high school buddies and to a person, everyone said the same thing. Nice guy until he got angry, then he’d flip out. That’s what they’re going to push now that it’s not a white guy.

    And still go after guns. Funny how they reported that he only bought the gun 6 days ago well before they even knew his name.

  3. Al Issa’s FB page went down the memory hole soon after his name was released. He was vehemently anti-Trump, indeed he reportedly planned to shoot up a Trump rally planned at the Colorado Springs airport in February, 2020, but decided to go for a March rally in Denver instead. The covid thing stopped all that. It would’ve been interesting had he chosen the Springs, which is still Red State Central. He might have encountered armed citizens there.

  4. And the MSM is leaving out the part where the shooter drove past several similar stores to shoot up a King Sooper’s in a heavily-Jewish neighborhood.

    Nope. All the victims were white…

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