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With commentary short but bountiful, like Salma Hayek:

And now for the nooz [sic]  :

mind the step, Governor “darling”:

millions of Black reparations-seekers arriving in Evanston in 3…2…1…

admit it:  don’t you just wish something like this would happen to Mika Brzezinski or Rachel Maddow?

a.k.a. defending the indefensible.

another in our “guess the choirboy’s race” series.

I have something similar with pretty women, only it involves turning to stone, one body part at a time.

doubleplusungood:  it made mockery of the sainted George Floyd.

And now it’s time for Insignifica:


And from the World Of Wimmynz:

key word:  “she”.

and even though she’s getting up there, I bet there are quite a few men who would give her one [sic].

and lest anyone not know who this fat-ass is:

Till next time…


  1. re the spring break rape/murder. I keep seeing videos and news story about wild fights, crimes, etc. during “spring break”. Funny how none of the participants actually look like college students.

  2. Where is the ‘offensive’ meme about a drug-addict suicide career-criminal suicide arrest-resisting counterfeit-passing suicide stuffing-lethal-doses-of-illegal-drugs-up-his-wazoo nincompoop caught while doing suicide nincompoopery?

    Because ‘united kingdom’ prosecutors are role-models for decency.

    And in other news, bureaucrats at The Bureau Of Justifying Our Existence released another whining press-release about rational people mocking their bureaucratic sacredness once again.
    [this comment may be widely distributed with your choice of government inserted in place of ” ‘united kingdom’ ” without incurring the wrath of bureaucrats everywhere, because, well… as any rational person knows, bureaucrats are irrelevant in the first place [looking at you, biden and anybody named ‘markle’]]

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