Breezing Through

Tech Support II (a.k.a. Friend and Reader BobbyK) spent the weekend with us, and on Friday night we went out to dinner at one of Plano’s most crowded and noisy eating places, Legacy Hall, in the area known as Legacy West just off the Dallas North Tollway.  It’s basically the equivalent of a mall food court which caters not to the kiddie- and preteen set, but to grownups.  There is no chain restaurant presence (other than Velvet Tacos, barely a chain),  and from the three dozen-odd kiosks comes a huge variety of foods ranging from sushi, BBQ, lobster rolls, tacos, pizza and lamb gyros to an endless supply of locally-brewed beers and of course hard liquor.  Weekend nights feature an outdoor (also, usually local) band on stage, and pre-Chinkvirus, the place absolutely throbbed.  During the lockdowns, of course, the place was like a tomb.

Last Friday night it was throbbing again, jam-packed, and at a rough guess, only about half the people walking around were wearing face condoms.  (While seated for eating and drinking, of course, nobody was wearing them.)  Even in the elevators, only a few people were wearing masks.  (One girl’s mask consisted of fine muslin and sequins… actually, quite pretty:  a “Dream of Jeannie” look.)

All good fun, in other words:  my only problem with the whole thing was that the loud music and concomitant noise from people shouting at each other set my tinnitus to “scream” mode, so we left after dinner.  But what a fine experience, to see people out and about and getting on with the serious adult fun of eating, drinking and mating.  (One guy was giving his female companion a very thorough foot massage at the table next to ours.)

Fuck you, Fauci:  you, and your entire cohort of control freaks.


  1. I’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree on masks here, Kim. The science behind the wearing of masks is pretty good; they’re as much if not more to protect others from you as you from others. People look at the size of the Covid virus and forget that it’s the size of the droplet on which it is carried that is important.

      1. I used to have a beard. That article is pretty poor with regards to Covid. Yes you don’t get a seal around your mouth, but you’re not on a building site. Nor are you in a zoo begging for fish. Beards are pretty good at filtering from the sides – all those hairs – and a standard mask works well for the mouth and nose. Remember too that hair is dead skin so you can’t be infected through it.

      2. Also (from Reader MichaelK in an email to me):

        “Actually, fluid dynamics says if you force a .5 micron(N95 mask smallest hole is .3 microns, virus measured at .01 micron, 30 times smaller than the N95 mask can stop) droplet through a .3 micron hole, you increase the velocity and distance the droplet will carry.
        “Stripping away 40% of the drop’s weight will do that, donchaknow. Masks PERPETUATE the virus distribution.
        “Always have, always will.”

    1. Besides, having been vaccinated and now well past the gestational stage of the fucking Chinkvirus, I can’t pass it on and can’t get sick from it either.

      1. Well, I’ll try again.
        Some were told and some weren’t – sounds about right when it comes to mass application of almost anything, especially medication.
        People I’ve talk to have been told –
        Yes – you can still get the thing but is will be a ‘milder case’ than you
        would have had without the ‘vaccine’
        Yes – you can still spread the disease – you can still be a carrier
        When you get a shingles vaccination or a small pox vaccination you DO NOT get the disease. Period.
        This is not a vaccine but if everyone uses that term ……………………….

        1. Don’t care. I’m sick of having my life run by strangers whom I don’t trust or respect.
          I’m 66 years old. I could live the years remaining to me in a bubble, or get out and live them.
          Guess which one I choose?

          1. I could not possibley agree with you more Mr. du Toit !
            Merely try to state that the propaganda is working. The unthinking ‘droids’ that make up part of our society now vastly outnumber the thinking machines ( or maybe they just scream louder and more frequently ) and I now fear that we really are lost !

    2. The most reliable science is that based on the results of placed that had high percentages of mask wearing vs low percentages. There was no significant difference in spread (either way) between low and high mask wearing areas.

      The masks are just what you do if you aren’t willing to do things that actually slow the spread (like washing your hands and staying home when you are sick.)

    3. And the size of that droplet is of a magnitude smaller than the holes in the weave of the average mask, even the better masks.

  2. My inner 10-yo boy smiles every time I hear Velvet Taco. We have several down here in Houston. Great place.
    We had a similar experience to yours last week at an adult food court near here. Lovely to see so many people come to their senses all in one place.

  3. I was both happy and dismayed to see that there were people waiting for tables at my favorite Mexican place last Tuesday. (I didn’t wait, not because of virus fears but because I hate waiting. I went to second-favorite down the road instead.)

  4. I notice a lot of discussion assumes real live people on televisionprogramming in real time.
    I think that assumption is unrealistic.

    * faked WhiteHouse lawn press conference
    * passing ambulance fails to register on biden’s microphone

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