Too Late, She Cried

This is quite priceless:

John Kasich: GOP Will Begin to Die if It Stays a Trump Party

Hate to tell you this, John ol’ buddy, but the GOP as you know it (GOPe) is already dead.  It’s dead because we’re sick of you clueless country-club Establishment Republicans sucking up to the Left, sick of you always compromising with the Left and allowing this country to drift ever leftward towards socialism, and sick of your constant treachery towards the former President.

Here are some of what I call the Trump Principles:

  • laws, judges and a judicial system which are solidly and immovably based on original Constitutional principles, especially:
    — an unswerving support of citizen’s gun rights
    — property rights
    — and freedom of speech
  • secure national borders closed to illegal immigration, and accelerated deportation of those who sneak their way in
  • Americans having jobs before the jobs are outsourced to other countries
  • dismantling the regulatory state
  • refusing to let eco-nonsense be the driving force behind policy and regulation, and
  • an “America First” foreign policy which deals from strength not weakness, which treats Russia, China and hostile Muslim countries with guarded caution and fosters closer ties with the Anglosphere nations

During his lamentably-short time in office, President Donald Trump followed all the above to some degree (when he was allowed to) either by his own actions or through the legislature, despite having been violently opposed by the hostile Left and stabbed in the back by the GOPe and Swamp Establishment on many occasions.

IF the Republican Party of which you speak follows all the above principles faithfully, even against massive and ferocious opposition from the Left, then we can be friends.

Otherwise, rot and fade away into history.  Your time is over.


  1. He may have been a bit boorish at times, but there was no doubt that Trump put Americans first. Almost everyone else (Democratics and Republicans alike) are putting themselves first at the expense of everyone else.

  2. I dis-enrolled in the GOP just before Christmas, and went independent. Fairly painless, and online in my state.
    Got called by our local GOP committee chairman last week, inquiring why I left. I told him much of your reply – you and your party are spineless, you don’t hold a firm line to the Leftists, and you refuse to promote American values beyond faint lip service. I’ve known him for 20 years, had dealings, and he has aghast, but he understood.
    And, he also admitted that they are seeing a substantial outflow of members from the ranks, and he was calling to see if he could stem the flood. I wished him luck.
    Now, If the Patriot Party ever takes off….

  3. will it be worms or buzzards Kasich? which one will you feed? that’s his only use left.

    Kasich can take the RINO weenie wing of the GOP and they can all beg to join the intellectual drum circle of the statist Democrat cult.

  4. Absolutely agree. The republican party is spineless and useless. Outside of a few outspoken members, the general rule of the party is to lose with pride. The hell with them.

    A new party, dedicated to the principles listed above, is needed. However I caution against molding it around any single person. I don’t want a “Cult of Trump” party any more than I wanted another Bush in 2016 or to ever see another Clinton in office. If Don Jr. were to run, I’m not sure if I would support him. Definitely not Ivanka, although my wife says that all of her social media is leaning toward her being the next big thing. Ted Cruz seems to get it, which is why the D’s are hellbent for leather to destroy him now before 2024 rolls around.

    Also, several indications that the con artists are flocking to the remnants of the conservative party. Apparently they’ve already set up a fake patriot party and are fleecing people. This has disaster written all over it. Be wary.

    BTW, in Texas, party affiliation ends every year on Dec 31st. You then become affiliated with a party the next time you vote in a primary. So unlike JW above, you can’t just call up and quit the R party. Kind of robs us of the opportunity to make a statement.

  5. I might have put the last three towards the top but good list.

    Only difference between the GOP and the donks is the speed at which they want to kill the USA.

  6. These are great principles, but I wish President Trump had been a little more competent at implementing them. We on the right also need to do the hard work that the Federalist Society has done for law in lots of other fields of endeavor.

  7. Trump’s entire term was about the outsiders vs. the long-time establishment. And the GOP is fractured between the few but powerful & rich, the GOPe, and the many commoners, the “Deplorables”.

    The GOP isn’t dead. It’s currently locked in an internecine battle for future control of the party. It’s a destructive civil war because the GOPe would rather rule over ruins & ashes than nothing at all.

    I suspect the Democrats are in a similar battle between the Liberals and the “woke” authoritarian Progressives. Like the GOPe, the Progressives are willing to let it all burn if they can’t have it.

    Today the Deplorables have much more in common with the classic Liberals of yesteryear. Perhaps they can join forces together to first overthrow the GOPe and then purge the Progressives. If not, the future is bleak.

  8. The Dems suck quite a bit harder than the GOP. It’s kind of like comparing bloody diarrhea to a nice firm, steaming turd.

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