1. As the attendees at the Class Reunion of ’75 began to realize that they would soon be too old to consummate their teenage crushes, the event spiraled out of control rapidly.

  2. The San Francisco Health Department hadn’t anticipated the crowd over reaction at their COVID19 vaccine center.

  3. Congress critters: We are the best and brightest here to lead you commoners to enlightenment!
    Media: We are the smartest and prettiest here to tell you what you should think!
    Bureaucrats: We are here to organize and control all aspects of your lives for your own good!
    Young boy; Mommy why do those folks have no clothes?

  4. The demonrats have rounded up the “far right wing extremists” and are letting them say good bye before lining them up at the ditch.

  5. Some things are best left unseen, this is one of them and you have corrupted both my cerebral cortex and sense of decency.

  6. Omigawsh, it’s the clothing optional area at Quartzsite!

    (This is probably a little too “inside baseball.”)

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