News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to choke on.  So let’s plunge into the murky, pox-laden soup that is today’s world:

which is all well and good.  However, some asshole always has to go and piss in the pudding:

I just wish this “cult” was real, so that we could flog his worthless ass in the public sphere.  Fuck it:  does everything have to be political with these bastards?

proving that unlike the Democrats, even the Chinese can do something right, sometimes.

you had me at “overstuffed little haggis”.

And now, from France:

for public indecency?  Gross licentiousness?  Mais non, because: 

So what caused the Frog fuzz to go beserk about this orgy?

of course it did.

And another from the nation which eats frogs, snails and pressed duck:
arresting a bunch of sex-crazed perverts is one thing;  dissing one of my favorite restaurants (and foods)?  En garde, Pierre.

who is  actually more worthy of memorializing than, say, Barack Obama:  and I don’t even like the Dead’s music.

can’t imagine why anyone would be cheering at any game played by the National Wokeball League, but maybe I’m missing something.  Also, do boos count as “cheering” ?  Asking for a friend.

just give me a minute, I’ve got something cooking

sorry, what were we talking about?

And speaking of pieces of meat:

it’s kinda sad that this lil’ cutie should go from first to last [sic] so quickly in the “Fuck, Marry or Kill” game.

Oh well.. on with the week.


  1. Interesting how these people who want to label their fellow Americans as “terrorists” are the same ones who prevented us from labeling actual terrorists as such.

  2. “Church of England clergyman apologises after saying clapping for Capt Sir Tom Moore was ‘cult of white British nationalism’
    …I just wish this “cult” was real, so that we could flog his worthless ass in the public sphere. Fuck it: does everything have to be political with these bastards?”

    Reason #1,732 why I’m glad I left the Anglican (aka Episcopal in the US) Church last year.

  3. ~ CDC Issues Super Bowl Party Guidelines, Limits Cheering and Alcohol ~

    Almost forgot they are still doing the Kneeling League Footballs thing, best way to stay safe is don’t turn that shit on. Every set not tuned in to watch oversized, over paid, offended men run up and down a field pretending to accomplish something that really has no meaning at all except a few hours of amusement. A national blackout of this event by all the regular, working class, beer drinking grown men certainly affects the value of the franchises. The most valuable NFL team by a billion dollars over the next one behind last won a Super Bowl 25 years ago. This shit really has no meaning for real people, just say no to peddlers of air-time, crazy half time shows and this weekend enjoy drinking some nice beverages and getting together with good friends and visit, enjoy each other’s company and don’t lick on folks who are not close family.

  4. ‘urgently’ needed to curb wildlife loss,…
    WTF are they talking about? I live in a subdivision and last week, I had nine whitetail deer walk through my yard not 15′ from my back door. Last spring, in just one night, the hoofed vermin cropped off every single bud and blossom on the hundreds of daylilies we have and also did a shitty job of pruning our azaleas.
    I can’t legally discharge a firearm here, and if I used a bow, it’d be just my luck the damned deer would go and horrify a neighbor by bleeding out on their front porch.

  5. Some comments on the News Roundup:

    1. Super Bowl? Yeah, not at my house! Haven’t watched it all year and have no intention of going back. Hiding in their locker rooms while the National Anthem is played. And I really haven’t missed it, either. Assholes from Goodell on down to each and every team.

    2. Sophia Bush? Agree at what a shame it is that such a beautiful woman can have such an evil soul. So interesting that actors, who read other peoples words for a living and do it well, spout such stupid words of their own. And yet, they are cheered for their “activism”……ah, well. Add her the the ever growing list of actors whom I will not patronize. At least they eat their own eventually.

    And finally……you would think that since their boy now occupies the White House and with Shumer/Pelosi fully in charge, the democrat hoards would be satiated. But no, they must also punish and rub it in our faces. So much for unity. For supposedly “winning”, they sure are an unhappy bunch. My heart bleeds for them.

  6. Re: Sophia’s Bush. Two outa three ain’t bad. I’ll let you figure out which one to exclude.

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