Just One

I don’t want anyone to read something sinister in what follows;  it’s simply a thought exercise.

A couple of days ago I read this article:

Two FBI special agents were fatally shot Tuesday morning while serving a warrant in Sunrise, the agency confirmed, calling it “a very dark day for the FBI.”

The agents, it turns out, were serving said warrant on some scrote who is a child molester and who did the right thing by offing himself after whacking the two feds, thus saving us all the hassle of a trial.  He’s not important to the story, so forget all about him.

The article’s headline is what caught my attention, because what it showed was just how easy it is to ambush law enforcement officers;  and what it reminded me of is a story of a WWII British fighter pilot who, during the dark days of 1940 when the Nazis had overrun Western Europe and were seemingly poised to invade Britain as well, went home for a brief bit of leave/furlough.  Sitting chatting with his father about the state of the world, he was surprised when his father asked him if he could get him a pistol or revolver.  When the pilot asked why, his father simply said:

“So I can get my one.”
“One what?”

The old man, who’d fought in WWI, explained that he was too old to join a military unit, but he was determined to “do his bit” for the war effort, and had decided that if he and thousands of others could all just kill a single German each, the task of occupying Britain would be impossible.  The fact that he would almost certainly be killed in return didn’t bother him at all, because his death would be part of a greater good.  “After all,” he concluded, “if Britain is going to ask its young men like you to sacrifice themselves in this war, why shouldn’t we all be prepared to make the same sacrifice?  We’re all in this together, after all.”

What makes this subject so current is all the threats being oh-so cavalierly thrown our way by the Left, whether by loony Leftist politicians or by their equally-loony acolytes in the Press and academe, with talk of “deprogramming”, “universal gun confiscation” and the like — in other words, compelling those who disagree with their politics (the “seditionists” or “Trumpists”) to change their philosophy and/or behavior and be forced to show support for and comply with their ghastly policies and governance.

There sure is a lot of compulsion being talked about, isn’t there?  But none of that is possible in the face of a mass of people who, like the pilot’s father, are prepared to “get their one”.  That’s what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was lamenting when he wrote these words:

What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?

Nowadays, of course, there’s a problem with Solzhenitsyn’s proposition in that the modern State knows so much about people that a concerted effort at resistance — even by half a dozen people — might well be anticipated and probably doomed to failure.  Efforts to create a “militia” or any kind of ur-Maquis French Resistance are going to be compromised by infiltration by law enforcement and subsequent destruction.

But if the above stories from Florida and WWII Britain tell us anything, it’s that properly-motivated individuals acting alone are quite capable of deadly resistance, even when facing the nigh-certain consequence of death for themselves.

It’s an interesting hypothesis, isn’t it?


  1. > Sitting chatting with his father about the state of the world,

    Those older gentlemen went on to form the Home Guard and did a sterling job rounding up downed German airmen – and recovering downed Allied airmen (often consoling the young man on the loss of his kite with copious quantities of alcohol as Geoffrey Wellum tells it).

    They also went on to form the Royal Observer Corps, vital in detecting air raids.

    They more than did their part.

  2. That strategy would still be effective today if we were facing a potential invasion and occupation by uniformed forces of a foreign power. Today’s enemies come from within and wear no uniform. And rather than simply sitting by and watching you get arrested, your friends and neighbors might just be the ones pointing you out and shouting “there he is!”.

  3. Indeed there are many examples both large and small to illustrate the deterence power of armed men. A single man or very small group can strike fear in much more than a few opponents. But it requires a willingness to accept death as the old Brit said.

    Remember the quoted Japanese officer who warned against invading America. “A gun behind every blade of grass”

    The whole idea of very small groups of armed resistance during WWII; France, Italy, Yugo etc.

    The Warsaw ghetto uprising which I believe started with six handguns. Or the Bielski forest fighters.

    To quote from Dr Stephen Halbrook on Swiss resistance ethos…
    “When the German Kaiser asked in 1912 what the quarter of a million Swiss militiamen would do if invaded by a half million German soldiers, a Swiss replied: shoot twice and go home. “

    And let us not forget the Liberator handgun whose purpose was essentially to “get just one”.

    1. The Beltway Snipers struck fear in millions, and Ted Kaczinsky struck fear in tens of millions.

  4. Something to consider is that the cops coming to your house will most likely be commies or sympathizers. Being leftists (or at least quislings) they will almost certainly make an example of your wife, children, and any other relatives they can find should you resist. Killing at least one of your attackers is a sound strategy and they will run out of enforcers before we run out of patriots. Just remember that the butcher’s bill could be large.

    1. I hate to say it, but that’s commutative. The scum who would make an example of MY family, are not at home protecting their own. Think they’d find that particular orange worth the squeeze? Think there’d be a pandemic of blue-flu?

      Plus, of course, as the numbers of LEOs are reduced by them just not showing up anymore, the agencies will become easier to infiltrate because they’ll be less selective on whom they hire. Which gives more intel, etc.

      1. That may be a pleasant fantasy, but in order to scare the Black and Tans, you need to know their names and where they live. It’s only a movie, but it wasn’t until a housemaid found a torn up list of names and locations that the British began to lose the upper hand.

  5. The numbers just don’t add up for them.

    Pennsylvania ALONE fields more deer hunters, each year, than there are members in the military (all branches) and Federal Law Enforcement. Not to mention how many of the military and LE will be on OUR side.

    Last I heard, there were 40 million NICS checks last year. Those people didn’t buy those guns just to turn them in.

    I’ve seen estimates of anywhere from 100-150 million gun owners in the US. If a single-digit-percentage of them decided “Not just no, but fuck no” the task for the Leftists would be insurmountable. How many active members did the IRA have, and kept the Brits busy for DECADES, in a place where weapons were unavailable legally?

    The Right has been remarkably patient, if we were half as violent as it’s claimed the rivers would have been red years ago. How’s that poem go, “beware the fury of a patient man”?

  6. They would have used Terror, and we were prepared to go all lengths. I intended to use the slogan “You can always take one with you.”


  7. Still waiting for details on this one, the charge was violence against children?
    Remember that this is the same FBI that murdered over 80 men, women and children in Waco Texas. One of their ever changing excuses was child abuse.

    1. And the question I’ve always had about Waco/David Koresh/children is “Isn’t this something that could have/should have been handled by the County Sheriff’s Child Protective Services instead of a Federal TAX agency?

      1. The child abuse allegations came later after the ATF had bungled the unnecessary raid and gotten people killed. The ATF guys were at the range with Koresh a couple of days before and could have grabbed him then. I sure it is a coincidence that a budget hearing was scheduled the day after the raid. My memory is hazy as to whether anyone was ever tried on the illegal firearms or child abuse charges. If I had to guess, the ATF ran an entrapment sting and the FBI just made stuff up. Then the FBI came in and killed everybody.

  8. This story doesn’t have it, but there was another version of the story where the “bad guy” was armed with an “assault-style rifle” – so, expect the gun banners to go nuts on this.
    Also, coincidentally (and there’s no such thing as a coincidence) the locals were doing a kiddie porn raid not too far from this one.
    This story smells to me…

    1. “CaucasianManBad using an UndocumentedFirearm ‘in commission of a crime’.”

      If I was a MARXIST, I would find more ways to use that sentence.

      (‘sentence’, as in ‘this court sentences you to hang until dead!’)

  9. As with banning “soft” body armor (including kids backpack plates, soft?) maybe New York should ban those video doorbell contraptions.

    Obviously only a criminal would want to see who was at their door in order to ambush law enforcement officers.

    1. I agree we will see a move against RING doorbells. 3-2-1… But ya gotta love these dawn raids. Couldn’t wait for dude to go to local 7-11 for smokes or beer run. Oh NO…just like Waco lets go smash down the door cause we are really cool ninjas.

  10. Honestly, they do not have enough Stassi to attempt what they wish to undertake, and are wholly ignorant of the fact that after Americans run out of targets in tactical gear, their coming after those in suits who sent ’em, and then the people – all of them – that empowered both. This isn’t going to end like Nuremburg in 1946, it’s going to be more like Paris in 1790 (AKA French Revolution).

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