1. So… the culture medium within which these bacteria interconnect and multiply, is technology, and in particular communications technology. Nooo problem. We’ll just start truck-bombing the network hubs. Oh …wait.
    Jim Jones, where are you now that we need you?

  2. Well, the people pulling the strings don’t actually think there shouldn’t be billionaires, that’s just the line they feed their ignorant, indoctrinated drone army. They know what all Marxists know – there are always the people at the top who don’t live the way the peasant rabble live. The leaders of the USSR had their dachas and their limos and their caviar while the average Rooskie slowly starved to death on shitty bread and vodka. Don’t think that a proggie like Omidyar takes that as a warning. He’s using that as his template. Same with Soros and the rest of them.

    The rest of the indoctrinated drones and drooling halfwits don’t know enough history to understand that they’re being used as throw-away foot soldiers. That doesn’t make them worth your pity. They’re evil, and they’re destroying this country from the inside out. At this point their motives don’t matter.

  3. Looks like, in the end, it’s all just a giant money-laundering operation with the fringe benefit of controlling large swaths of society via public policies and progressive legislation.

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