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Predictably, the Left has gone batshit-crazy after last week’s fun and games in Washington D.C. — I know, I shouldn’t call it “fun and games” when someone died, but in the grand scheme of things, I think that was accidental and not an essential part of the real story.

It’s also deeply ironic that after a year of rioting and whole city centers set ablaze, all either actively or tacitly supported by the left, that a single large protest by conservatives has become somehow worse than Kristallnacht  and the result of Trump calling for a seditious overthrow of the U.S. government, to name but two examples of the overheated Leftist rhetoric we’re now seeing.

Whenever someone supported by the Left does something stupid, the Left is all about “finding the root causes of the discontent”, or else categorizing it as justified because of some (often imaginary) injustice.  So I’m going to apply the same principle here.

Trump was voted out of office not by a popular vote, but by electoral fraud.  That’s not rhetoric or an untruth, it is a fact.  So when Trump called on his supporters to fill the streets of D.C. and “peacefully protest” (his exact words) this miscarriage of our electoral process, it should have come as no surprise that the people who gave him over seventy million (legal) votes felt as aggrieved as he was (and is), and did exactly what he called for.

That some people got carried away is inexcusable, yet quite understandable.  Let us never forget that the protest vote in D.C. was “largely peaceful” (to use the Left’s own excuse for a riot) and in fact overwhelmingly peaceful — there were hundreds of thousands of people there, and if we can agree that in any crowd, ten percent of them are going to be assholes, what’s amazing is that so few of them stormed the Capitol and sat behind Nancy Pelosi’s desk, thus “desecrating” the seat of government.

All this other talk about invoking the 25th Amendment and / or impeaching Trump to remove him from office stat  is all smoke and nonsense, given that he has but three or so weeks left in office anyway, and — this is important — under the terms of the Constitution, you cannot impeach a former President.

So fuck ’em, and the fraudulent horse they rode in on.

We didn’t start the hatred, by the way;  de-personalization and demonization of the opposition has always been part and parcel of the Left’s toolkit in their drive to power.  But now that we’re in this place, our hatred for these Marxist cocksuckers is not going to die away just because they’re asking us to stop.  If anything, the rancor and hatred is only going to increase, especially when the Left starts carrying out all the actions they’ve threatened us with.


  1. I know, I shouldn’t call it “fun and games” when someone died,

    Point of order — people die during fun and games all the time. Sports deaths, racing deaths, skydiving accidents, etc etc etc.

    Just because someone died doesn’t disqualify it as fun and games.

  2. I read on the inter-web this morning that someone, perhaps the FBI, has found out that there will be armed protests in all 50 state capitols on the 20th of this month and I hope they are very wrong. The last thing in the world that we need is a bunch of nutty looking people dressed out in their finest Airborne, Seal, Super-Recon Ranger, ballistic vest gear open carrying rifles and pistols just to show the regular folks they can. This would be a perfect set up for multiple, made for TV, reality shows of lefty hoodlums joining in to create chaos and blame in on the right.

    The 20th for those on the right would best be observed quietly and as a time for reflection and thoughts about how to deal with the nutty stuff that will be coming out of DC. We don’t need any more clown shows or opportunity for the media to enjoy themselves making conservatives look bad and the Dems to play victim.

    Memo: Today’s Media will never let truth get in the way of a good story.

    1. Today’s Media will never let truth get in. Period. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good story or not.

      Today’s media lie. They lie with malice aforethought. And they lie even when the truth is a better story.

  3. Epoch Times has an extended interview with Michael Yon up on what Yon witnessed outside the Capitol Building on 1/6. Yon claims that the actual “invasion” of the Capitol was the work of ANTIFA “agents provocateurs”, using the tactics that were taught to them in Hong Kong.
    It’s worth a look.

  4. The Lefties I know on Fecesbook keep insisting that there’s no evidence of fraud, and then bring up the Supreme Court decision. Since I use FB mostly to keep in touch with family and a couple of non-political groups I belong to, I choose not to engage. However, I would point out that the Supreme Court decision was essentially what would happen should I file suit that a couple be divorced because the husband was abusing the wife. I don’t have legal authority to carry out such a suit, but the court throwing it out on that cause isn’t prima facie proof that no abuse is happening. Whether the SC was correct in their ruling is irrelevant at this point, it’s what they decided.

    Last month Rasmussen released a poll stating that 47% of registered voters believed that there was significant fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, including 27% of registered Democrats. Democracy requires that the electorate have faith in the electoral process (yes, I know we’re a Republic, but our leaders ARE democratically elected, or should be).

    So where do we go from here?

    In an ideal world the following would happen:

    – Actually investigate the allegations of fraud. Throw out those that are factually full of shit (and I’ve no doubt there are some, people being people). Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law (preferably involving a rope and a drop) those who actually committed such fraud. Yeah, and I’d like world peace and a flying car too. Along with a foursome with Bo Derek, Christina Hendricks and Gal Gadot.

    – Anyone running for state legislature, governor or other state office, (especially in PA, MI, GA or WI), over the next several election cycles, on a ticket of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections should be a shoo-in. Points to include in such a ticket: end the use of mail-in ballots except where warranted (travel for instance); Mandatory investigation, by bi-partisan commission, of allegations of electoral fraud; Mandatory investigation (same) of statistical anomalies (like 100K+ votes counted, all for one candidate); Bi-partisan observers with the power to stop counting if they’re not there to observe, and every ballot to get a date stamp of the time/place where it was counted (observers log in and out, and any vote counted when any observer is absent is an invalid vote. Don’t want valid votes invalidated? Don’t cheat.); All in-person ballots affixed with a date/time/location stamp at the time it was cast, any ballot not so marked is invalid, any precinct reporting more votes cast than there are registered voters will be audited; immediate purge of all voter registrations, all who wish to vote need to re-register AND show ID to do so (my niece actually gets three sets of NJ voter information in the mail (NJ mails sample ballots to all people registered to vote) for the three places she’s lived in NJ, and two of those were FORWARDED to her. Let that sink in.)

    Maybe I’m naive, but I haven’t lost all hope that we can fix this system without bloodshed, but it’s going to require work on our part. This shit happened on the state level, it has to be fixed at the state level.

    1. No they wouldn’t win on that platform because of vote fraud. They would get more legitimate votes but they wouldn’t win.

  5. Interesting interview with Michael Yon, who did a lot of great reporting from Iraq. On the other hand, Andy Ngo who is as much an expert on Antifa as anyone (anyone not an insider of course) categorically ruled that out.

    My expectations for a fair and balanced inquiry into the matter are pretty low

    1. Yon was there. Ngo was 3700 miles away. I am not personally a fan of Yon, but I will give him props for being where the action is and generally straight reporting. Ngo has a book to sell and holds himself out as an expert on Antifia, which he may very well be, but subsequent to his comments, a number of BLM/Antifa activists have been identified in photos inside the Capitol.

      Look at the pics of those arrested. Not really seeing the typical Trump support in the main group.
      Of course, sites like Reddit show the mug shots of long-haired, bearded 20-somethings with Antifa and rune tattoos and ID them as Trump scum.

      Short Twitter.
      Go Long on ammo.

      1. Precious metals. Lead, copper, brass, and chemicals.

        “a number of BLM/Antifa activists have been identified in photos inside the Capitol.:”
        To quote Monty Python and the Argument Clinic, “They could be there in their free time.”

  6. The truth is that socialism/communism is a two-tiered political system in which members of the Party can bend or break the law with impunity as long as the persons being abused are not Party members. If you are not in the Party you are not human. You are less than the farm animals being raised for food.

  7. If nothing else, last week’s events should have shown the left that they will not like playing under their own rules. But they aren’t smart enough to get that.

    1. No, but they will definitely squeal to high heaven when anyone else tries to play by their rules.

  8. On that day, an old friend texted me, in fear.

    I reminded her of several facts:

    * Team MAGA is ~competent at violence~.
    * We did not see competent violence on display, therefore, it was not the general intention.
    * If it had been Team MAGA’s intention to bring violence, the Capitol would be a smoking pile of rubble when they were done.
    * Team MAGA is armed to the teeth: and they all left their rifles at home.

    In a lot of ways, this resonates with the Bonus Army campout, which was routed by the army burning the place out. and which precipitated the NFA of 1934. It was sold to the public as a crime control act, but the reality was that Congress had set their pants to condition brown, worried that the veterans would return with the rifles they left at home.

    And that’s where we are, 2021/1/12

    All in all, the Capitol Incursion was ill considered. It entirely derailed the Republican’s measured response to object to the vote counting, ,and turned a lot of public opinion entirely against Trump and anyone not fully aligned with Wokeness.

    In any event, The Ministry of Truth wants you to know these things:

    * The word “fraud” must be referenced as “baseless” or “unfounded” or “lies”.

    * The word “riot” or “mob action” must be replaced with “insurrection”.

    * The word “insurrection” must be referenced as “incited by Trump”

    * Anyone who ever supported Trump must repudiate their support and atone for their sins. Nothing less that full cognitive capitulation will be accepted, as evidenced by Struggle Session.

    My final thought:

    I really wish we lived in a world with a less derpy Trump in it, who simply didn’t say stupid shit all the time, hand ammunition to his enemies by the pallet, and alienate the middle.

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