News Roundup

Commentary will be short, like Mrs. Borat.

which means I’m pretty much fucked, then.

And in a (possibly) unrelated event:

Covid, cancer, HPV, whatever;  you’re always gonna be at risk with this creature anywhere near your zip code.

not an actual headline, just LOL.

and as they say:  “Owe the bank ten thousand dollars, you have a problem.  Owe the bank $300 million, and THEY have a problem.”

ya think?

And speaking of imbeciles:

I actually know the solution to this, and it doesn’t involve shooting all the Colorado Democrat lawmakers.  It does, however, require shooting all ex-California transplants / refugees in Colorado, but someone’s doubtless going to have a problem with this.

ah yes, those were the days, when men were men and not sorta-women reminiscing about when they were still men.

uh huh.  He’ll just go with the old-time Democrat initiatives like higher taxes, civilian disarmament, more regulations and such.

a.k.a. First World Problem, as can be seen in the pic below of this hellhole (right-click to embiggen):

uhhhh I’ve got some news for you, son:

I think we’re gonna have all the weapons we need, as the Biden Brigade will find out when they try mass confiscations.  (And yeah, I know that’s not what he meant.)

And lastly:

…no link because you’ll probably want to eat at some point today.  Instead, here’s a home-decoration idea:

…or else, a blast from the past:


  1. Since my knowledge of what passes for American culture ended about 50 years ago I had no knowledge of who or what Lizzo was. So I looked her up and this morning I’m thankful that you attempted to protect us from such horror. There are truly some things that we aren’t meant to see and the vision of a whale in sheer briefs is very high on the list.

    1. Between Kim’s warning and your post, I have decided that I can live with being ignorant about this person.

      Thank you for your sacrifice.

  2. Bruce/Caitlyn recalls Olympic win…

    I thought “dead-naming” was the worst mortal sin in the trans community. And Brucie has just done it to himself? Cuz we know for damn sure Caitlyn didn’t win those medals.

    1. Those kinds of “mortal sins” are common on this website e.g Chinkvirus and lesbos. Feel free to indulge yourself therewith, because this is one website which doesn’t care or keep tally of what constitutes an “offense”.
      Just be careful with the “nigger” word, though, because even though I don’t bowdlerize it, it does marginally offend ME.
      And it is my website, after all.

      1. We occasionally participate in local churches, including the Southern Methodist around the corner.
        That congregation is elderly and Black… and to a one, they despise slum-trash.
        They see the despicable slum-trash causing the ‘broad brush’ to blindly lump the good people in with the worst.

        The preacher uses the term ‘nigger-rubbish’ to describe the goofballs in earthquake cars with their loudspeakers blasting.
        The congregation, each and every, absolutely wish for the fires of hades to rain upon ‘nigger-trash’ dope-fiends and drunks and anybody cheating on their family.

        Some folks are decent and just and righteous.
        Some folks are not.
        I see no problem with the truth.

        And furthermore:
        I think pigment has nothing to do with nincompoopery.
        Some Caucasian folks fuss their hair into imitation corn-rows.
        Some Caucasian folk listen to jungle-drum disposable air-filler ‘music’.
        The ‘urban’ ridicule for that imitation is ‘whigger’.
        I am a card-carrying Caucasian, I see folks as folks, but I am pretty sure goofballs come in all pigmentation and heritages.

        Although… I admit to using ‘MARXIST’ as the most vile of derogatory terms to describe a particularly-stupit goofball.


        lack of ‘Lizzo’ link requiring a search of TheWorldWideWeb

        The ‘Lizzo’ freak-show needs a welding-screen placed between her rolls and my eyes.
        No offense intended; I am sure her mama loves her and her dog gazes adoringly upon her.
        But, dang!, that freak-show is broken beyond fixing.

        Freak-shows… is this our future?

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