Reverse Flow

Here’s the background:

The number of Los Angeles residents moving to Dallas and Houston declined in those years, but the number of Angelenos moving to Plano, Texas, tripled.

Or, rendered pictorially:

Yuck.  The only Texans in favor of more Californians in the state are people about to sell their houses (and I already sold mine), or Democrat politicians.


  1. It is what locusts (or as Elmer of Fudd might say, “wokists”) do. They destroy one place then move on to find new fields to ruin.

    In reality, the threats from “demographic change” are less about the immigration from third world countries as it is collectivists moving onto new places to despoil.

  2. This is reason numero uno why I moved from Plano. The reasoning for the influx is the CA companies, like Toyota USA moving there. It’s not organic.

    Sadly, some of the locusts have landed in Richardson.

    I lived through this in the DC area. It’ll be worse here.

    I have a friend that moved to an Austin exurb- Georgetown, he’s seeing this happen with the same dismay I have. We’ve seen this. We moved long ago to get away from it.

    We are overdue for a fuckall hot and dry summer here. Let’s see how many stay after 40 days of 105+ temps and water restrictions. Water was an issue during the last heat wave, and there were far less people here.

  3. OMG……..

    Is that a PINK Ferrari?!?!?!?!?! Heretic!!! Burn them!!!!!

    Enzo must be getting up to 10,000 RPM…….

  4. While I would not wish our 2020 Summer on anyone.
    Hottest July ever.
    Hottest August ever.
    Average high temp in August: 110.7.
    52 days with high temps over 110.
    Third driest summer in recorded history. (There are predictions that 2021 will be worse.)

    Has this stopped the plague of Califoreigners from crossing the Colorado and making everything worse? Sadly, no, but we’re seeing signs that they aren’t staying long and may be moving farther east. You have our sympathies.

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