As I’ve often warned:  because our governing elites are in thrall to things that Europeans do — just off the top of my head, socialism, government-run medical systems, Corona cops and Scandinavian-level tax rates — what happens Over There often repeats itself Over Here.

Hence my bile directed at this latest little bit of Nannyism from Britishland:

Supermarket promotions of unhealthy food will be curbed as part of the Government’s war on obesity.
‘Buy one get one free’ deals on fizzy drinks, crisps and fatty foods will be banned in medium and large stores, as well as on websites, from April 2022.
And free refills of sugary soft drinks will be prohibited in restaurants and fast food outlets.

I know that we’ve seen examples of this before — once again off the top of my head, Malignant Dwarf  I mean  Mayor “Mike” Bloomberg’s ban on Big Gulps in NYFC a few years ago — but make no mistake, there is no part of your life that Bug Gummint isn’t interested in sticking its fat, snot-dripping wart-infested nose into.

By the way, I was in the restaurant business many years ago, and the “no free refills” is easily bypassed by asking customers if they think they’ll need refills, then adding a 1-cent surcharge onto the bill, making refills no longer “free”.  The cost of trying to police such practices makes the game not worth the candle, even for Gummint.

And as a one-time supermarket guy, let me assure you that any restriction on BOGO offers (or BOGOF, as they call it elsewhere) is just as easily circumvented in the scanning system — and that’s impossible for Gummint to monitor.


  1. My name for the “Malignant Dwarf” is FLP (pronounced “Flip”): Fascist Little Prick.

    I reserve the name Malignant Socialist Dwarf for Robert B. Reich and/or Donna Shalala.

  2. THe problem is that the government at the State and Federal levels can already get access into a business’s bank account and take what they want in taxes and fines without even a court order.

    Back in colonial days, a company got cash from the customer then the tax man went and collected taxes from the company. a company could physically resist the taxman. Can’t do that very well today. Then of course there is the government bureaucracy that can finance any assault on a business or individual with unlimited funds. The individual or corporation does not have the infinite resources of the state.

  3. “The cost of trying to police such practices makes the game not worth the candle, even for Gummint.”

    Don’t think places like NYFC wouldn’t try. IIRC they cracked down on the Cuomo Meals bars were adding to get around the “you can’t sell booze without a meal” diktat.

  4. And yet, I’ll bet (rhetorically speaking) that same gummint will seek, if it hasn’t already done so, to decriminalize marijuana, ’cause the taxes it can raise…either by sale thereof or by the tax on snackfoods users crave by indulging therein.

    Meanwhile, states here that have approved personal use are finding that the tax revenue just isn’t there…quelle suprise.

  5. “deals on fizzy drinks”

    They should just stop allowing the use of high fructose corn syrup in food to begin with, but then that might curtail campaign donations from agribusinesses, and we wouldn’t want to stop that.

    1. It’s not campaign donations from agribusinesses as much as it’s farmers need to grow crops that make a profit, which at this time is corn. If the government stopped subsidizing ethanol production for “green” energy, and remove the tariffs on imported sugar and let farmers grow what they could sell globally there could be a reduction in the use of high fructose corn syrup but I don’t see that happening.

  6. ” The cost of trying to police such practices makes the game not worth the candle, even for Gummint.”

    That was before they had an entire army of volunteer Stasi to drop the dime on the business.

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