On one of the days this past weekend, I wanted to serve Whisky Macs to my guests because a) it’s a warm, festive drink and b) why should I be the only one to suffer the next day?

For the uninitiated, one makes a Whisky Mac (back story is here) with these two ingredients:

Of course, the Scotch was no problem, but the Stone’s Ginger Wine…?

Nowhere to be found.  Some bastard must have crept into my house unnoticed and drunk it without my noticing him.  I had to resort to serving the usual (gin, single malt, wine, etc.) but I was mightily embarrassed, I can tell you.

Which is bad enough, but the thought of New Year’s Eve without a Whisky Mac… [shudder]

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range — and then the liquor store.


      1. Sorry Kim, but I don’t see the Balvenie or the Macallan or the Aberlour. As you can see, I am very partial to the Speysides, especially the Double Woods or Sherry finish.

        1. Heck, I don’t drink at all and even I know that you don’t do mixed drinks with single-malt. That’s what blended whiskey is for, like the one pictured above.

          1. Cocktails are what the Cutty Sark or the J&B is for.
            And if it’s going in the Coca-Cola, that’s what the Bourbon is for.

  1. Here on the East Coast we who are sailors have a liking for “Dark and Stormies.” One-third Black Bermuda Rum preferably Goslings to two-thirds Ginger Beer and in our household that’s also from Gosling but other brands are acceptable. Of course, you can adjust the proportions to taste.

  2. We have a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.

    Around the corner in Corvallis Oregon, SPIRITOPIA DISTILLERS makes their award-winning GINGER LIQUEUR [gazes adoringly at bottle in-hand].
    This is for sipping.
    Although I honestly truly believe it is too delicious to mix, I am tempted to honor your memory with a sampling based on your recommendation.

  3. In the days of my intemperate youth (here he goes again!) an alleged friend introduced me to a “holiday drink” called The Three Wise Men. One shot each of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker. After only one I returned things that I never stole. Never again.

  4. No luck finding Stone’s Ginger Wine here in New England.

    Dark and Stormy was introduced to me by friends who first had it in Bermuda. Very nice. Gosling’s is made in Kentucky is it not? I think their ginger beer is sweetened with corn syrup, if that is okay with every one. I wonder if Crabbie’s ginger beer would work with Scotch?
    “Food” for thought at least.

  5. Stones Green Ginger Wine? Stones? Are you mad?

    The only acceptable whisky mac is made with CRABBIE’S.

    (but that seems to have disappeared from shelves here as well…)

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