The Story So Far

I arrived in Scotland last Saturday and spent the afternoon with Mr. Free Market, shopping for sundries (flip-up scope covers, whisky etc.) in preparation for next week’s shooting in Scotland.

Then that night the Fiend Mr. FM introduced me to a drink called “Whisky Mac”, a mixture of Scotch and something called “Stone’s Green Ginger Wine” (see below).

After extensive trial (one might even say over-sampling) of said beverage, I can safely say it is a fine thing but it can cause a massive hangover, as I discovered the following Sunday morning when Mr. FM dragged me out of bed at the crack of noon, threw me into a Land Rover and dragged me off to the range for some rifle shooting. Oy vey.

Let’s just say my marksmanship has been better.

It took me a day or so to recover from my overindulgence, whereupon last night The Englishman came over in his Land Rover, dragged me kicking and screaming away from Free Market Towers and deposited me into a place which serves Wadworth 6X and fish & chips, both of which I partook in great measure.

I’m not at my best today. Further blogging will occur when (if) I’ve recovered sufficiently.

Mr. FM returns from London tonight (fresh from evicting widows, beating junior staff and doing Capitalist Things in general), and will no doubt force more of those Whisky Mac things down my unwilling gullet. So tomorrow may see even more-painful blogging.

Yes; I’m having a wonderful time back Over Here, thank you for asking. It hasn’t even rained on me yet, and temperatures are around 45°F in daytime, falling to about 34°F at night. Outside, it looks something like this:

Few leaves on the trees, otherwise still green. Yes, I love it here; why do you ask?

And now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to make myself a nice hot cup of tea.


    1. Q,
      I’ll be WAY north of Aberdeen, in a place that’s so remote it has only a postal code (and I don’t know that, it’s supposed to be a surprise per Mr. FM).
      I promise you though, the very next time I get up to Scotland, we’ll share a pint of milk and a sandwich.

  1. Let’s just say my marksmanship has been better.

    Well, you know what Lazarus Long said about that.

  2. Green Ginger Wine…that’s making me queasy just thinking about it. And mixing with a perfectly good scotch? Water only, and only if ye must ye bloody sassenach. Think I got the usage right. 😉

    Both the plates look downright tasty, though.

  3. Spec’s appears to have the Ginger Wine (which, for some reason, intrigues me), but not the Wadworth 6X:-(.

  4. Stone’s Green Ginger is one of those “heritage” concoctions peculiar to British Commonwealth countries.

    It is a mandatory accessory for early morning trout fishermen in the colder months in Australia.

    Warms the blood beautifully and dulls the sense of failure when the trout fail to rise to your carefully presented dry fly.

  5. Brits eat and drink very strange combinations and concoctions of food and drink. Some are stunningly good and some so horrible they beggar description.

    My German father claimed “Zat is how zey von ze var”.

    Strength through weird food. Especially for children – makes them tough.

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