Quote Of The Day

Seen somewhere:

I was banging a Persian girl for a while. When we would get sweaty from sexing I swore she smelled like lawnmower exhaust. It had that oil burning with gas mixture kind of smell. I think it may have been from her diet. Now whenever the neighbors are mowing the lawn I get a massive erection. I wish that last part weren’t true. F*** you Pavlov.


I don’t know what gets me more: the tangential reference to Pavlov, the body odor of lawnmower exhaust, or the word “sexing”…


  1. Probably smelling something stored in his nasal packages after getting all hot an bothered. Course if the smell of an old lawn mower get his motor running he would not have a hard time finding willing women.

  2. Reminds me of a story I heard about a fighter pilot once, who got so ‘wired’ to the sound of jet engines that he couldn’t perform in bed without it.

    Well, sneaking the miss into the hangar was kind of out of the question, so one clever therapist came up with a solution; turn on the vacuum cleaner and put it behind the door or under the bed. The noise was just enough to trigger the pilot’s, ahem, instincts, and everything would proceed as normal.

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