Monday Funnies

At the end of a long weekend, comes… yeah, we all know:

So let’s lighten the mood a little:

…and a blast from the past, but still appropriate:

Oh well… it looks like it’s time to get ready for Christmas, like Kelly Brook is doing:

That’s assuming we’ll be allowed to celebrate Christmas, of course.

Ask me about my mood.


  1. Beautiful curves on that Karmann Ghia. It looks just like the one I drove in college, although mine didn’t have the same deep-in-the-thigh accessories. I remember pushing it downhill to start it and driving huddled under a blanket in the winter because the rockers (where the heat came from) were rusted out. Good memories.

      1. I was thinking that artificial snow is a wonderful invention, enabling Kelly Brook to exemplify the holiday spirit without having to dress like the Michelin Man.
        And thanks, now I see it’s the warm part of a Karmann Ghia she’s sitting on.
        A wonderful inaugural photo for the Christmas Season.

  2. Yes, Christmas will be “cancelled”, but they won’t be able to stop either of the two fireworks celebrations for New Years, the normal one and/or the extra special one that will be laid on.
    The damage will all be recorded as caused by CV-19.

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