1. Such delightfully diverse cultural norms! We should import them to the U.S. so we can benefit from the Diversity and Enrichment they’d bring!

      1. How. Dare. You. Everyone knows they’re nobly struggling to do their very best, as they suffer under the boot heel of Western Colonialist Oppression©. White Privilege much?

        Having been raised & fed by me slant-eyed mum, I use chopsticks nearly as often as a knife & fork. When I travel I always have a pair with me. Well, almost always. American Airlines confiscated them recently as a condition of boarding their clown show to Tampa. Y’all can rest easy: I was unable to impale anyone with my hashi on American 2477. Whew – that was close.

        Good to know our betters are keeping you safe from the likes of me, whilst the wokescold left celebrates Diversity®!

    1. we already brought these “refugees’ into America. Rather than require them to assimilate, we have carved out political districts for them in Minnesota and Michigan among other places. This sort of “tolerance” is going to be out downfall.

  2. I know I could be out on a limb here… were the dead folk disarmed by marxists?

    Cause, meet effect?

  3. Assuming the Biden Terror will strive to undo Trump’s Mideast work to help the Poore Paleoswinians and Poore ISIS misunderstood kids, let’s add more cognitive dissonance to the approaching disaster –
    Biden’s COVID adviser announced he would distribute vaccine globally before US.
    I thinking we need Pope Urban in DC.

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