Here’s a good one:

“When she went off my brother knew it had happened and came to me to check. I was in stitches but then I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, £107? I need to cancel this as quickly as I can’.”

Read it all for the full disaster.  Some conclusions:

  1. Don’t watch Borat movies (good advice for all time).
  2. When I say “Alexa, order me 5,000 rounds of 7.62×39”  and Amazon fills the order, I might actually think of allowing one of the poxy things in my house.  Or not.

WTF are “fleshlights”? #DuckDuckGo

Whoa… nevermind.


  1. Eavesdropping used to be a despised activity, even a perversion. Now electronic eavesdropping by the likes of alexa is supposedly a life-improving sign of progress?

    Yeah, right – same kind of progress as the Chinese electronic surveillance state, BLM, communism, lockdowns, mask mandates, election rigging, unfettered illegal immigration, reinvention of apartheid as a virtue, gun confiscation, newspeak and other bastardizations of language, to mention only a very few of my very shortest list of contemporary hates.

    A society that will embrace the internet of things (TIT – how’s that for an acronym) will embrace anything, including their own transportation to a gulag, if only some globalist will explain that the gulag is for their own good.

    Fuck that for a game of soldiers – I’m for guerrilla warfare.

  2. A while back I was talking with my wife, and I used the word “seriously.” Then on my iPhone, Siri answered. I was unaware that this feature is activated by default. I turned it off immediately, but since then I’ve upgraded my phone. I need to check.

    Just checked. It’s off. Whew he says wiping his brow.

  3. Right. I have amazon prime and I was thinking about stopping it but they just auto bill it. It has gone from 99 to 129 dollars a year. Pretty sure I am not getting full value. I have tried to get it to ask before it bills or even try not to auto fill but if I give them a credit card they are like CaChing.


  4. Why do you have one of those Alexa doo-jobies in your house?
    Why are you watching any Borat movie, or anything with Sacha Bareass Cowdung in it?
    Why do you allow any person, company, or entity to auto-deduct funds from any of your accounts?

    Get a “pay-as-you-go” debit card (AMEX Serve is a pretty good one,) and use that for any renewable accounts or services. If you want the product or service, add that amount of dollars on the card. If not, don’t add the funds. They will contact you repeatedly to pay for the renewal, but you can block that, and eventually they’ll go away.

  5. Great idea.

    And then go on their laptops when they’re out of the room and do Google searches for “how to dispose of a body” and similar topics.

    If they think government watch lists are such a good idea, they need to be on a few of them also.

  6. I don’t believe it happened as reported. Amazon says they were unable to replicate the events.
    I suspect the brother who was the “Carer”, which in easier-to-pronounce English, is the “Caregiver”. I think he wasn’t getting out much at all unless you count grocery shopping and schlepping Sis to her doctors and therapies, and by extension, not getting anything else, so he ordered these products, and failed to get to it before Sis opened the package.

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