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So – we have to consider how to live in a nation where, at least at this point, national politics is rigged and, if the Senate falls Democratic, is possibly rigged in perpetuity. One way is to ignore national politics, live in your local area, and get on with life. In a society where individual freedom used to be valued, it is going to be hard to get used to the idea that ideas can lawfully be suppressed. But we’re rapidly entering that age.
Another possible consideration, depending on the state you live in, is simply secession. If you’d asked me a decade ago, or even less, about that, I’d have laughed.

I’m no longer laughing.

Finally we all have to consider where our individual red lines are. What is the red line which will change you from law-abiding citizen to outlaw? I know where a couple of mine are: I will not register firearms (if, of course, I actually had any). At that point I will be an outlaw. I will not comply.
I will not give up my religious practices. Period. Nor will I tolerate any regulation on my church’s practices, decisions, or doctrine. And yes, that one’s coming, too.
If our red line is crossed, what will we do? I’m getting older, and the older I get, the less the threat of prison means to me. I have no desire to go to prison, but I will not compromise or give in certain areas.
And I will not go quietly into the cattle cars some on the left have planned for me and those like me.

What he said.  Only with more cursing.


  1. Never under estimate your enemy. Always think that your enemy is 100 times more criminal than they seem.

    Suppose you get a registered document in the mail that you must sign for, proving you received it. The document is from your insurance company requiring you submit a list of all your firearms with their serial numbers. If you do not do this in 30 days your insurance is null and void. Notice I didn’t say which kind of insurance.

    Same with registering your kids for school, or any number of other things you may be involved in. Drivers licenses and vehicle registrations for example.

    Incrementally, one tiny little step at a time, you are being cornered into the cage in which no one escapes. What I have described could be reality within the next year. Ready to turn Ted K and go all hermit in the sticks?

    1. I have heard that Biden’s platform includes the nationalization of local zoning laws, so there is consistency across states, and the situations can be measured and compared, so as to achieve equality of condition.

      Single Family R1 neighborhoods are already permitting Granny units, aka ADU’s , Additional Dwelling Units in cities across Commiefornia. so far, either the single-family home or the ADU has to be occupied by someone related to the owner, and whether you construct one is up to you, but this back-filling has the potential to be very disruptive to the nature and quality of neighborhoods of single-family homes.

  2. “Do we have the will?”

    That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? I wish we all were 20 years old and in fine physical condition able and willing to actively resist. Sadly, I think time and circumstance has taken a toll on most of us. We dream of the chiseled hero, shooting things down and blowing things up, but it’s only a dream.

    So what do we do? We resist! Actively for those of us who can, passively for those who can’t any more. Where to start? Stop paying taxes. Right now, with no resistance, the government can’t keep up with the number of cases they need to review for collection. Your chances are very less than likely to be audited, much less sanctioned or punished. What happens if that number triples, or increases by multiples of ten? They can only process so many returns. If you make them call you in, it might be inconvenient for you, you’ll be a pain in the ass for them.

    Simple things. Don’t respond to requests for information. Don’t show for jury duty; request an excusal. Go to government meetings and make a nuisance of yourselves. Little things, I know, but it will let them know they’re not going to let them slide on this travesty.

    1. To be specific, stop paying Income Tax. 2021 is going to be a nightmare for the IRS because of all the people working from home, possibly claiming business expenses, etc. Now is the time to get onboard. Do so incrementally rather than one big lump. Stay below the radar sweep. Spend some quality time on online videos and text learning tips and tricks.

      As far as jury duty goes, send the form back stating you will be out of state on business for the next 3 months. I’ve never been on jury duty because I’ve used that escuse all of my adult life. Works every time.

      I owe this rotten assed gov’t nothing and I cause for them to steal as little as possible from me – I detest thievery of every type.

  3. Kim;

    I am humbled that my simple words are worthy of your further consideration. I’ve always found your writing entertaining and thoughtful, even when I disagreed with you. So thank you, sincerely. Of course, I may have just gained a little bit more notice of TPTB, but if there’s not a file on me somewhere by now, I’d be a little disappointed.

    A further thought: it may be time to organize with like-minded persons in our local areas and build communications networks, supply depots, and organizational connections and commitments. I do not here speak of a visible “militia” which dons camo and goes off in the woods training for combat, though that is not necessarily a bad idea (and BTW, if the shooting should start, training in the woods is largely pointless. Training in urban environs will matter more). I think simply of building an intelligence and supply network. Just in case. It need not be large; in fact, smaller is probably better (less notice). I could right now round up, if necessary, a half dozen trusted persons armed, equipped, capable, and trustworthy. It would not be particularly difficult to double that number. If nothing else, should the shooting start, such a network would provide an place to disappear into after action. Effective insurgencies build and rely on the support of local persons who are sympathetic even if they are unable or unwilling to take actions themselves.

    Having a trusted information source inside the local sheriff’s office is probably a good idea. In my jurisdiction, with my current (and his recently elected successor after January) local sheriff, I could probably safely put my sheriff in the loop (though I hesitate to do so; it could put him in a tough spot). The time may at some point come where that would change, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

    The good news for me is that I live in a rural area, in a reliably red state, where the recent silliness in places like Portland or Chicago are not a concern. And I have 200-300 yard sightlines in all directions, should it come to that (that would matter if, of course, I had any firearms. Which I assure you I don’t. Honest Injun.). I have the ability to hunt/fish for my meat and grow veggies if I have to, and well water available. I’m not a prepper, but I can do fine for some weeks if necessary. As long as the power holds out (maybe should buy a generator?).

    And for those on the left, the potential other side, listening in, and yes, that includes the fine folks at places like CIA/NSA (let’s not pretend they’re not; it matters not that it is illegal – we know better, and laws are after all for the little people): Please, please, PLEASE let’s not go there. I have no desire to live through an insurgency. It would be ugly – think Kosovo or Syria, not the Civil War of 1861-65, and the result is far from assured. Even should the good guys (that would be us, BTW) win, results are far from certain; it may not be possible to put a limited constitutional republic back together. Let’s not destroy the one (mostly) still have, OK?

    That said, if we MUST have that war, let’s have it now. So my grandchildren will not have to fight it.

    1. The sheriff might be a good choice. Most are elected and cannot be fired by the county executive. I’ve heard recently about some blue counties trying to change that and put the sheriff’s office under the executive.

      1. In California, the Los Angeles Fuckin’ County Board of Supervisors* is attempting to fire the Sheriff who has been elected by the citizens of the County since the discovery of gold helped turn the territory into a state so quickly after the Mexican War.

        *or maybe the Los Angeles County Board of Idiot Supervisors. With this group of elected officials, I’m open to either interpretation.

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