Quote Of The Day

From Stephen Green:

“The only states that couldn’t seem to count their ballots on time, the only states where the allegedly dead rise to vote, the only states where turnout in places apparently exceeded the number of registered voters, the only states reported by whistleblowers for ignoring their own laws on accepting mail-in ballots, the only states that keep finding substantial numbers of new ballots, the only states with reports of substantial numbers of destroyed or lost ballots, the only states where we see reports of thousands upon thousands of ballots that are marked only for Joe Biden and no other candidates in any other race…
…all of these things are happening only in states where the outcome was ever in doubt.”

Strange, isn’t it?  Also, a reminder to read this, and put it into context.


  1. Huge Tom-fuckery is afoot, and done with the skill of a drunken teenager. But you know what? It doesn’t mean a thing in an institution wrought with criminality from top to bottom. This motherfucker’s going down and people better get their head out and live their lives accordingly. No, you don’t have enough ammo. And, unless you can deliver accurate rounds down range while running full speed backwards you will most likely be killed and eaten by the starving savages spilling out of the urban ghettos.

  2. Yes, the fix is in. If we had a remotely honest media class, they’d be falling over themselves running down evidence of election fuckery and lining up to receive their Pulitzer. But we don’t. They’re part of the fix.

    So – we have to consider how to live in a nation where, at least at this point, national politics is rigged and, if the Senate falls Democratic, is possibly rigged in perpetuity. One way is to ignore national politics, live in your local area, and get on with life. In a society where individual freedom used to be valued, it is going to be hard to get used to the idea that ideas can lawfully be suppressed. But we’re rapidly entering that age.

    Another possible consideration, depending on the state you live in, is simply secession. If you’d asked me a decade ago, or even less, about that, I’d have laughed.

    I’m no longer laughing.

    Finally we all have to consider where our individual red lines are. What is the red line which will change you from law-abiding citizen to outlaw? I know where a couple of mine are: I will not register firearms (if, of course, I actually had any). At that point I will be an outlaw. I will not comply.
    I will not give up my religious practices. Period. Nor will I tolerate any regulation on my church’s practices, decisions, or doctrine. And yes, that one’s coming, too.

    If our red line is crossed, what will we do? I’m getting older, and the older I get, the less the threat of prison means to me. I have no desire to go to prison, but I will not compromise or give in certain areas.

    And I will not go quietly into the cattle cars some on the left have planned for me and those like me.

  3. Troubling times, corrupt, senile Biden and his hoe Harris think they can legislate using executive orders. They both plan to devastate the firearms industry by banning semi autos, all of them, standard capacity magazines, 80% lowers, and end all online sales of guns, gun parts and ammo. It is going to be impossible to ignore their treason.

  4. “Irish Democracy!” – The Secession of the Individual from a corrupt society.
    Follow your conscience and your heart, and tell the mob to “Get the Fuck off my lawn!”
    (Garand optional, but recommended unless you have an AR-10, or M1a)

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