Who They Are

From Issues & Insights:

Today’s Democrats are defined by policy choices and actions that are not consistent with liberty and independence. They are the party of:

    • A coup attempt.
    • Re-education camps.
    • Riots.
    • Intolerance.
    • Segregation (through its support for Black Lives Matter and racially divisive policies in higher learning).
    • Marxist indulgence. (see BLM again).
    • Election fraud.
    • Using government to punish political enemies.
    • Reparations.
    • A modern serfdom.
    • The cancel culture.
    • A job-destroying $15 minimum wage
    • Dependence on government.
    • Campus and workplace speech codes.
    • Crackdowns on dissenting political views.
    • Apologies for America being America.
    • Coastal elitism.
    • Crony capitalism.
    • Miserable health care.
    • More bureaucracy.
    • Second Amendment infringements.
    • Mandated masks.
    • Nags, scolds, and shrill ideologues.
    • Court packing.
    • Smothering regulations.

The Democrats’ plans also include robbing workers of their freedom; dictating Americans’ choice of automobiles; forcing on the country a crackpot green energy plan that will severely damage the economy while providing zero environmental benefits; transforming the country into a socialist “paradise”; and establishing single-party governance.

It’s not only what they plan on doing;  some of the above is what they’ve already done, and if not stopped, will carry on, and more besides.  You all know what to do;  if you haven’t already done it, get out and vote against these miserable asshole Marxist motherfuckers.


  1. Was it Robert Heinlein?
    “There is rarely something to vote for, there is always something to vote against.”


    I refuse to use ‘mandate’ or ‘order’.
    I prefer ‘dictate’ because those come from dictators.
    * “Unelected governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown dictates closure of gym showers because of invisible enemies!”
    Then, after those restrictions are ‘the new normal’:
    * “Unelected governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown dictates closure of odd-number gas pumps!”
    After a while while the little people understand their very existence depends on nameless faceless bumblebrats deep in the bowels of some bureaucracy someplace:
    * “Officials and Authorities dictate closure of non-essential industries!”

    Inevitably, small farms such as ours are ‘absorbed’ into the welcoming bosom of industrialized ag for ‘efficiency’… thoughtfully over-saw by bureaucracies staffed by millennials straight from a college campus.

    In the interests of their job security, I think we can expect more dictates.
    And I expect most dictates to be contradictory.
    And I think the enforcement of those new dictates requires massive amounts of new enforcement agents… each with the power of summary execution for misunderstanding or ignoring TheLaw.

    Yes, there is always something to vote against.

  2. My ballot has been in the county auditors hands for several weeks. Not mailed, I delivered it directly to the office.
    Now it’s up to the election officials in this liberal college town, in this liberal hellhole state, to count honestly and report truthfully.

    Give us this day… A President that loves this country and it’s people. Someone who isn’t corrupt and self serving.
    Deliver us from one of the worst, ignorant, lying, dishonest governors and his minions. Give us a governor that won’t sue the voters, his own constituents, to overturn their wishes.
    Clean the houses and drain the swamps in the whole land.

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