1. For decades, I said:
    “The last time I voted, Nixon got elected.”
    I suspected elections are a scam.

    I returned to TheArena in 2016.
    The least-flawed man got elected.
    I started to hope.

    Then, the 2020 landfill happened.
    Sometime in January 2020, I realized my suspicion was accurate.
    The scam is a scam.
    And I am pretty sure the scammers do not realize they are part of the scam.

  2. I just voted this morning, in person. I was there 10 minutes before the polls opened, and there were about 20 people in front of me. When I left, there were about 30 in line. That was at 6:00 a.m. on a cold morning in small town Indiana. For the record, they checked my ID three times, everybody was “kinda-sorta” social distancing, and there were no less than four hand sanitizer stations.

    I’ll call it now: Indiana will go for Trump, just like last time. Still, my vote will help with the popular vote. If he can win that by more than the margin of fraud, they’ll have to quit bitching about it for the next four years.

    In county and local elections, there were zero Democrats on the ballot, and one Libertarian. That’s a bit unusual, because the Dems usually put up two or three candidates, even though they don’t stand a chance in hell here.

    1. Democrats quit bitching? Don’t make me laugh. Even if Trump wins in a landslide like Reagan in 1984 they’ll find some excuse to say he really didn’t win.

  3. Voted this morning, polls opened at 7:00, we got there about 6:45, actually got IN to vote at 7:55. Colder than a titches wit. People said they’ve never seen this many people lined up to vote so early (considering the huge push for early/mail-in voting due to Chinkflu too). LOTS of Trump bumper-stickers/signs/MAGA hats/flags.

    According to Insty, PA District Attorney (who’s also up for re-election) has already declared that Biden will win PA “if all the votes are counted”. Which made the choice of who to vote for for DA easy (not that it wasn’t). Remember children, making sure everyone only votes once, and that you have to be alive to vote, is “voter suppression”.

  4. My friends (I still have some) who are Democrats tell me they’re not voting for Joe – they’re voting for Kamela. They wouldn’t vote for Joe if you paid them🤣🤣🤣

  5. Well, I voted, cleaned the guns and loaded magazines.
    That’s about all that I can do at the moment.
    I am also glad that I let a shooting buddy talk me into ceramic plates several years ago.

  6. Voted mid-morning at the most out of the way polling station I could find, and there was still a 10-minute wait. At the big, well-known places on the main roads, the lines stretched around the building when I drove past after voting.

  7. Also, our local guys (state and Congress) are all solid conservatives, and as for Jim Skinner, our county sheriff…
    And who could not vote for a conservative judge named John Browning?

  8. I voted early, several weeks ago, at my age I don’t want to take any chances. Four years ago a good friend of mine was dying of cancer and he was fascinated with the election and Trump running for office, he voted early and lived a few weeks past the election when Trump won and my friend was happy about that.

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