All Hell Diversity

So much for the Great Diversity Experiment:

As the world watched in awe five years ago, new faces were welcomed into Germany with balloons and banners proclaiming ‘We love refugees’.
More than a million strangers headed there from faraway lands at the height of Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War II hoping for a new life in the West.
In a rallying cry to her nation, the German chancellor Angela Merkel declared in the autumn of 2015: ‘We can do this. We are strong and can manage it.’
Even as Mrs Merkel’s historic speech was broadcast on German TV, reports flashed up on the screen that trainloads of men, women and children were clamouring to be let in at her borders. And they were.
In astonishing scenes a few days later, thousands of bedraggled, tired migrants turned up at railway stations in German cities to be met by local children blowing soap bubbles and handing over teddy bears as the country threw off its dark, xenophobic past to become the humanitarian face of Europe.
But today the celebrations for migrants are over in this powerhouse of the European Union.
Many of the foreigners who entered Germany in those heady days are being forcibly sent home to Africa, south Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans on secret flights, marshalled by security officers, after being frogmarched to airports from their beds by armed police.

I wonder why?  Oh yes, because they can’t or won’t assimilate, their crime rates are astronomical, and far from being the fuel that would help Germany’s economy, most are pretty much acting as brakes, being totally dependent on Germany’s generous welfare state.

Who could ever have thought this this would happen?

Well, most of us, as it turns out;  only we were called “racists” and “fascists” or worse, for the sin of being realists and not starry-eyed dreamers in thrall to the “magic dirt” theory of socialization.

As for “being frogmarched to airports from their beds by armed police”, I just wish we could do the same to our ingrate immigrants, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with me saying that, too.


  1. The only thing you’ll hear from me is the bolt being retracted in my ar15. Frogmarch my ass, so they can just jump a boat and come back to the land of free goodies? Nope, burn em in place.

  2. The damn Europeans are damn assholes for letting them in unchecked in the first place.

  3. I’m all for frogmarching. Let’s start with the mother of all ingrates, Ilhan Omar.

    You know, it’s easier to prevent getting roaches than trying to get rid of them.

  4. “Some 200,000 failed asylum seekers, illegal entrants, and foreigners convicted of crimes in their own countries or Germany are estimated to be listed for deportation flights. Many entered in 2015 when Mrs Merkel sent out her welcome message to refugees.

    After a litany of terror attacks, sex assaults, and even murders by some who slipped in, the deportations are, unsurprisingly, popular with many Germans. The authorities operate with ruthless efficiency. ”

    They manage to put these two paragraphs together and still can’t find the conclusion. “Oh, the poor criminals can’t stay and commit more crimes!”

  5. Ah, “Diversity”. The idea that the less people have in common with one another, the better they’ll all get along.

    Opposites may attract, but it’s commonalities that keep people together (plus people aren’t magnets).

  6. I don’t worship at the alter of diversity

    As a matter of fact, I’m sick of it being forced on me daily in my profession

  7. This is great news. Now Italy and France need to learn from their example and start offloading those licorice-looking moolies that have invaded them by boat. We could follow by rounding up every Somali we can find for a summary flight back home, starting with every one of those M Effs holding public office.

  8. New terror attack in Vienna.


    I haven’t seen Vienna yet. Damn Muslim slime.

    I want to walk the same streets as Mozart and Beethoven.

    1. Yeah…and Vienna is worth seeing. It’s Paris, but with Teutonic efficiency and cleanliness. And I rather like France.

  9. They’re lucky Germany didn’t decide to dispose of them via more… direct methods.

    Yeah, I went there. Go ahead, say something.

  10. Did a bit of digging to see if any of this is making general news media. Basically it is not. Everything online seems to be bleeding heart for the poor migrants, pretty much like any of our domestic enemedia outlets are putting out. Did find this link –

    But still wishy washy and bleeding heart to the “immigrant” side, can’t call them criminals, invaders, murderers and rapists, no no no, they are undocumented immigrants there too.
    The door has to slam shut and pretty much all muslims and other low skilled illegals have to be deported or we are heading down the same path as France, with their 20% muslim problem.

    I won’t be around in 30 years, but my children and grandchildren are going to be saddled with the unassimilable murderous bastards. This has to be fixed NOW, not in 30 years.

    Yes, 1492 was a great year in many ways and the lessons at the gates of Vienna also need to be dusted off.

  11. this year’s diversity and sexual harassment training contained the over whelming majority of ‘perpetrators’ as white males. I believe they were sending a message with their videos.

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