News Roundup

None of the news that’s fit to print.

welcome to our world, Limey bastards.

pretty much the same as you’d get if your taxes were super low, only you’d have more money in your pocket.

so in other words:  it’s just like influenza and the common cold, is it?

I have an abiding wish that we were actually as bad as they say we are.  Wouldn’t we have fun?  Instead, we’re law-abiding, vote and have jobs, which prevent us all from cutting their throats.

so theft is okay, as long as only a few people are affected?  Got it.

it’s called the “grasping at straws” tactic.

couldn’t happen to a nicer Socialist.

he could pick the Tooth Fairy as his AG:  still not gonna happen.

could we import a few of these judges into the U.S.?  They have a better idea of freedom than most of ours.  And they speak Spanish, and everything.

Mommy, why were all the boys following me around the playground?

it’s a strange way to say, “I haven’t had a man inside me for six months and I’m starting to ache”, but whatever.

somebody remind me of all those arguments against the death penalty.

And just to show that it’s not all bad news:

No need to thank me, it’s all part of the service etc. etc.


  1. Every now and then Maher says something that has me thinking OMG, he’s actually paying attention and noticing something. And he’ll ask other liberals some rather embarrassing questions. Great! Almost there. Now follow that through to it’s logical conclusion and … Nope. He’s still a rabid liberal.

    Maximum wage? First time I’ve heard that. Don’t those idiots know that’s only going hurt middle class? The truly rich, the CEO’s making millions, that won’t affect them at all. Most of their compensation isn’t salary, and they’ll find plenty loopholes. I’ve never heard anything so asinine. These people truly have no understanding of how the world works.

    1. The people who think this believe that (to use an American IRS term), the only way that one can receive income is with a W2. Thanks to that limited, ignorant thinking, countless estate and tax lawyers have made a nice living transferring wealth while avoiding limitations on the transfer of wealth.
      Supposedly in the late sixties Sweden had a maximum income tax bracket rate of 100%. As I understand it, the wealthy in Sweden are still wealthy.

  2. Some nice side boob as well in the Miss Klum article.

    I know you say it’s not necessary, but thank you.

  3. > …somebody remind me of all those arguments against the death penalty.

    Simple: the accusation may be false. Or the police may be pinning the charge on the wrong person. It’s not possible to apologise to a person who’s dead.

    It’s also for the protection of the police officers. Someone who knows they can surrender and live is more likely to surrender than someone who knows they’ll die in the end anyway. The latter is more likely to try to take others with them into the hereafter.

    But we’ve been through this before.

    1. First of all, thank you for the Heidi Klum article. A wonderful thing to be directed to on a Wednesday Morning.
      Secondly, has anyone ever seen Governor Whitmer and Caitlyn Jenner in the same room at the same time? Just askin’.

  4. Olbermann was a wasted fuck. His old man should have shot that load into the sheets.

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