The Consequences Of Bad Education And Ignorance

I actually laughed out loud when I read that some idiots are going all outraged-wokey at the fact that Israeli beauty Gal Gadot has been cast to play Cleopatra in yet another remake of the Egyptian queen’s saga.  (Here are the details.)

Actually, it would have been more justified for blondes to get upset about the role going to a brunette, because as a Ptolemy (and therefore of ethnic Greco-Macedonian heritage), Cleopatra was most likely fair-skinned and blonde.

It is, as they say, to LOL.

Here’s the serious part of this.  In their struggle to claim some fragment of cultural worth, Black Africans have always tried to appropriate Egyptian civilization as “African” — specifically, with regard to sub-Saharan Africa, which had no civilization at all to speak of.  In this, of course, they have been abetted by Western “African Studies” academics, who have performed all sorts of intellectual gymnastics to conclude that yes, ancient Egyptians were really just like the Masai, promise.

The plain fact of the matter is that Nilotic people are as different from sub-Saharan Blacks as Scandinavians are from Aztecs.  The fact that Egyptians too have dark skin is a matter of geography, not racial kinship.  And the northern Greek tribes of Macedonia have closer genetic, linguistic and cultural ties with Serbs than with Arabs, let alone Black Africans.

Anyway, I don’t care.  These wokesters have shown their asses yet again and given us yet more reason withal to make fun of their ignorant little wokish philosophy (such as it is).

I’m just curious to see how Gal Gadot measures up to Elizabeth Taylor.  It’ll be a tough job.


  1. TWO bottles of Macallan AND Miss Gadot?

    With all due respect, Mr. Nevi, I think you’re overestimating your capabilities.

    1. Provided that your “sequential” involves a period of weeks rather than days or gawd forbid hours, then you might be okay.

  2. Heard an interview with an Egyptologist that stated the problem with casting Miss Gadot is that she might be too attractive to accurately portray Cleo.

    I for one am willing to take that chance. Especially if they recreate some of the costumes used by Liz in her version.

  3. I recall complaints about the lovely Miss (or Mrs? ) Gadot when she was in Wonder Woman, because her armpits were shaved, and an Amazon warrior (warrioress?) would OBVIOUSLY never shave her armpits, because Womyn or Patriarchy or some such horse squeeze.

    Personally, it’s hard for to imagine anyone having the appeal of Linda Carter as WW, but Gal certainly managed it. I recall when Linda Carter played the part on TV, and the TV Guide (remember THAT?) had an article pondering why, when Wonder Woman was obviously a kids’s show, grown men were watching it. Well DUH, Linda Carter!

    1. JHC… if you’re looking at either Gal Gadot or Lynda Carter and thinking about armpit hair, you need professional help.

      1. Well, I wasn’t, but the feministical scolds apparently were. Talk about a group intent on sucking every bit of joy out of life….

  4. Speaking of hair, do I not recall correctly that ancient Egyptians shaved all their hair and wore wigs?

  5. Somewhere or other I have a book titled NOT OUT OF AFRICA, which argues that there is a striking similarity between modern ‘Afrocentrist’ fantasies and pre-Rosetta Stone Rosicrucianist fantasies about Egypt, which survive today as Masonic Mysticism (although by and large the Masons no better than to take them as anything but allegory).


    My take on some Afrocentric fool jabbering about how ‘White Men’ (by which he means the ancient Greeks) ‘stole’ the basics of mathematics and science from ‘the Black Race’ is to say, “So, since it’s yours to begin with you should have no trouble whatsoever in getting up to speed in basic Math and Logic. Then we can talk,”

    And, muttered aside “Quisling.”

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