Alternative Actions

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Just who the fuck do these glorified debt-collectors think they are?

Congress should find out exactly how much the I.R.fuckingS. paid for this data, and reduce their operating budget by 100x the amount.  Unfortunately, as the House is under the control of the Socialists (for now), this isn’t going to happen.

Thus stymied, my thoughts run a little deeper than Stephen Green’s tar and feathers.




…all come to mind, but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with this.


  1. Tons of people will have a problem. So what? If you or I or anyone else had done what the CDC director did the other day – blatantly defy the boss’ order (thou shalt shitcan critical race theory training), we’d have had a pink slip shoved up our ass whilst hoping we didn’t stain the pavement as we were bounced out the back door. The entrenched bureaucracy IS the deep state; and those motherfuckers are all but impossible to penalize, let alone fire – and they know it.

  2. Problems such as this are so deep-set they can only be dug out under the auspices of Rule-7.62!

  3. Bondage ‘scene’, feral hogs.

    Locked in mcmansion movie room, Mulan on loop.

    Addresses available on WorldWideWeb, rumors of evidence on ClintonCrimeSyndicate.

    Chuckling believer in hilarious offerings to notorious caption competition, nobody else gets joke.

    [at least one of the above happened to me…]

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