1. Don’t worry, Nancy, we won’t be even remotely worried.

    Also, those guys look like what passes for law enforcement in Sierra Leone or the Congo.

  2. Are they poll watchers from some third world country, here to learn how to apply something new to their third world banana republic policies and practices?

  3. The second photo was taken in Philadelphia, circa 2008. They only had clubs and left after the police came by. Not my neighborhood, btw. Our poll watchers are mostly union guys with no sense of humor. That may be why, during the summer’s “mostly peaceful protests”, our nearby Target, pharmacy, and supermarket were not looted and burned.
    Stay away from crowds

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of our guys on guard. I am nervous about voting in person, not because of CV but because of the possibility of violent attacks on polling places. Here at least, polling stations are a GFZ so vulnerable. Outside, however, things would be different.

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