Let Them Eat Cake

Via email, Alert Reader Mike L sends me this news:

Subway bread isn’t legally bread, according to Ireland’s highest court.

Not having eaten anything from Subway in over twenty years, my memory may be a little cloudy on this topic;  but I do know that the reason for that has to do with the taste of their bread, which always prompted the question:  “What have I just put into my mouth?”  [as the actress said to the bishop]

It’s foul, and I know that when driving in strange areas of the country looking for something to eat, Subway is never an option.  Ghastly stuff.


  1. In Eugene Oregon, the Subway shop was on the corner of West 6th and the rioters.

    The plywood across the windows are still up after three months.

    Crippled during this phase of this Economic Lock-Down, rioters were the lethal-injection for many small business owners.

  2. Last weekend, I drove a 32 ft. Class A motorhome, also towing a Toyota Tundra 4×4, from Baltimore, MD to Tyler, TX. Friend and his family made the epic move, and were short a driver for the rig. So I pitched in, flew East and helped out.

    Along the way, his Mrs. selected a Subway as her pit-stop of choice.

    They no longer offer Roast Beef, nor Swiss Cheese. WTF? The sliced turkey sufficed to fill the belly, but was wholly inadequate to the palate.

    They’re off my list, ‘evermore.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. I visited a Subway precisely once in my life and was disgusted to see them using the same fucking tongs for every fucking filling. I left without waiting for my order.

  4. According to the court, subway buns are 10% sugar. Ireland only allows 2%; more than that and it’s a confectionary. At best, the subway “bread” is almost a cake. How many of you would want sliced meat between two slices of cake?

    But it could be much worse than that. All that sugar may be an attempt to cover up something bad-tasting…

  5. Willing to bet this is actually an EU law so I have mixed feelings. Don’t like the stuff but the EU is oppressive and the Irish government are sheep.

  6. Ok – i’ll throw my late two cents in here..

    First – yes, the bread is pretty bad as far as it goes. That is not the worst part of Subway though. I used to eat there regularly but select the ‘flatbread’ option, which, while equally foul, was somewhat more healthy.

    But, then I noticed every time I went there, I had, er, ‘discomfort’ of the Taco Bell variety. I did some thinking about it and started asking the sandwich artist to forgo putting any lettuce on it. They all universally hated doing that because everyone wants lettuce on their sandwich and its the first thing they go to grab. Viola! problem solved.

    Now whenever travelling to strange places and needing a quick meal, I seek out a Walmart and get a salad from there: consistent quality and content and i’ve never gotten sick from them, even in otherwise sketchy neighborhoods.

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