5 Worst RealDoll Models Ever

Ranked in order, from “of very limited appeal” to “you’ve got to be fucking kidding“.  First, for men (all with the vocal function enabled):

  • the “Andrea Dworkin” (retro model)
  • the “Joy Behar”
  • the “Gender Studies Professor”
  • the “Hillary Clinton”
  • the “Taylor Swift”

And for the ladies:

  • the “Brad Pitt” sorry I meant   “Dog The Bounty Hunter”
  • the “Jack Whitehall”
  • the “Jerrold Nadler”
  • the “Harvey Weinstein”
  • the “Piers Morgan”


  1. Pfizer couldn’t make blue pills in large enough quantity to make it work with ANY of them (although, in all honesty, I did date a Women’s Studies major back in my yute). If it weren’t for the “all vocal function enabled” Taylor Swift might not be TOO bad, if you like the skinny look (I don’t), but once she opens her pie-hole…..

    I might add Rosie O’Donnell (to either list), or Whoopie Goldberg.

    I wasn’t familiar with Andrea Dworkin so I made the mistake of googling her. I think I need an extra morning quart of bourbon.

    1. I glanced at Dworkin’s photo for 1 second. There isn’t enough bourbon in the entire US to erase that.

  2. Where would you put Janet Reno or Peewee Herman in those lists?
    And don’t google them, guys, it’s still too early in the morning. Or late in the morning, Or Afternoon.

  3. I had to look up “Jack Whitetail”. I doubt that I will ever hear of him again. I don’t run into many Brits in my day to day life. In the past I ran into a few Brit Paras while out skydiving. They were a different sort, fun to party with, but I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.

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