1. Her: “Wow. Probably the sleasiest cuck I have ever seen with my bare eyeballs.”

    Him (to his current boyfriend): “Just because I nutted in YOUR anus last night doesn’t mean you get to nut in MY anus tonight.”

  2. “Please leave a message at the tone” – Hi Brianna. I think that I might have dropped my pants as I ran out the back door. Yeah that was when your husband pulled into the driveway. So could you check that out for me? Thanks

  3. Sydney displays this month’s newest fashion trend: The denim codpiece, complete with vibrating butt plug.

    Also: Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

  4. Ashamed by her chunky ankles, ex-bumblebrat Stacey Abrams attempts to conceal her disfigurement with Black© tights. (Please, for the sake of the children, do not mention her ‘Michael Jackson’ facial treatments…)

  5. As the Stacey Abrams ‘whigger’ impersonator leaves the scene of her latest ‘manipulation’, her trailing hand retains its ‘professional grip’ positioning. Nice job!

  6. Beat by an ‘ugly stick’ then run over by a garbage-truck parade in front of the highly-touted Stacey Abrams ‘whigger’ look-a-likes competition, one hopeful apparently seeks a last-minute escape from the madness inside. We wish her well!

  7. Seen here leaving the Stacey Abrams ‘whigger’ look-a-likes competition in disgrace, one ‘also ran’ hopeful will return next year in triumph. The only thing standing between her and a coveted place in the winner circle is more frequent beatings with the ‘ugly stick’. We wish her well!

  8. Involuntarily feeding her disgusting ‘skid-marks’ fetish, another Stacey Abrams ‘whigger’ look-a-like nearly whip-lashes her neck to ‘check it out’!

    Rule 34:
    If it exists, porn is made of it.

    1. Involuntarily feeding her horrifying ‘skid-marks’ fetish…

      Involuntarily feeding her trademark ‘skid-marks’ fetish…

      Involuntarily feeding her refreshing…

  9. Shoot him. Just shoot him NOW. And put him out of our assembled misery, at once!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  10. Men’s fashion meets Millennials and the fact that Covid-19 has rendered pants largely optional.

  11. “Like a golf ball through a garden hose? Based on my experience last night, I think I have a new standard.”

  12. Richard Simmons new fall business casual line, available now at a Victor’s Secret near you.

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