1. Why thank you Kim!

    I’ve said for a long time that if we right-wing bitter clingers were REALLY as violent as we’re made out to be you wouldn’t be able to find a socialist unless you looked upward under a lamp post or tree, and NYC, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago would be in ruins. (I’d add Detroit, but they’ve done the job pretty well themselves). As Larry Correia pointed out, they REALLY don’t want us to throw that switch from “Vote” to “Shoot Fucking Everybody”. I fear we’ve got our finger on the switch though, and we’re starting to apply pressure.

  2. No, actually, I think they will love it if some of the people they are goading strike the first blow. Then they have confirmation of what they say about “Right Wing Supremacists.”
    Look at how they treat people who, in self defense, strike back in response to their violent “speech”. Rittenhouse being only the most prominent one now, but others, including George Zimmerman, can come to mind.

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