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From Angelo Codevilla:

Let there be no doubt: the ruling class’s focus on Donald Trump has been incidental.  America’s potentates do not fear one pudgy orange-haired septuagenarian.  They fear the millions of Americans whom they loathe, who voted for Trump, who gave his party control of House and Senate, and who will surely vote for folks these potentates really should fear.

Which is all the more reason for millions (upon millions) of Americans to vote for Trump in November, and for people who support his agenda.

Do not refuse to read Codevilla’s article because it’s “too long”.  It isn’t, because his exposition can’t be fitted onto a bumper sticker, and the stakes are too important.



  1. “Codevilla’s article ”
    interesting, but a few too many major errors.
    The lockdowns were never really Trump’s and he doesn’t “own them” as an example (and all the branches extending from that)

  2. Yes, but he got the broad sweep of the history correct. Funny, I was thinking of Emailing this To you, Kim, I’d say great minds think alike — but if I was you I’d be worried, :D.

    The toughest thing for me Was this one.

    “Revolution has already undone the regime established in 1776-89. The election’s alternative outcomes will strongly affect how it moves America toward a new regime.“

    My son has been trying to tell me this for a while now. It’s hard to let go, but I’ve known for a while it was over. He is correct, the big question is what comes afterwards.

    Heed Kim’s recommendation, do not skip this because it is long. Print it out and read it when you have a half hour over an adult beverage.


    1. A good read to determine the “afterwards” is a short paper by Gary Saul Morson in “First Things” (Oct 2020) titled “Suicide Of The Liberals”.
      Rich in background from pre-revolutionary Russia that forms the foundation of the Bolshevik government founded by Lenin (and Stalin), and the thinking within the “intellectual” community of that era in Russia that would be considered somewhat “upside down” in Western thought.

  3. What all the current arglefargle iterates down to is that even if one absolutely loathes Trump, why on earth vote for a Democrat? Voting for a leftist candidate is comparable to playing Russian Roulette with a full cylinder.

    1. Assuming facts not in evidence, methinks. As an unrepentant never Trumper I voted libertarian in 2016. I have yet to decide if I’ll do so again, or hold my nose & vote for Donnie Douchebag.

      1. I can’t bring myself to vote for a weekend with Biden. My reasoning is the same as if I were choosing a surgeon. bedside manner is nice, but I really want those sensitive fingers and sharp eyes. I’m not voting for a friend. I’m voting for an Al Cervik (Caddyshack reference) I think the three reasons the media/democrats are against him so rabidly is because he is A) a turncoat, and B), despite their best efforts, amazingly effective, even as he misspeaks, and C). they all want to save what Governor Lepetomane referred to in Blazing Saddles as, “Our phony baloney jobs.”

        1. I care not about Dem/media (but I repeat myself) rationalizations.

          I look forward to meeting you so I can follow Trump’s example and pay no mind to the notion – let alone the fact – that you’re married. I’ll try to fuck you anyway. Then I’ll brag about it. In return I’d expect your husband to feed me my front teeth. And maybe my testicles. You won’t consider the same – or any – penalty for Donnie Douchebag. I wonder how you’d feel if the hubs was as “faithful” to you as DD has been to his wives. A putrid caricature of a real man.

          Everyone is eager to condemn the moral failings of the powerful – unless it’s their guy. Then it’s “how DARE you say anything untoward about Dear Leader!” DD (as far as we know) isn’t (currently) stepping out on Melania or spewing semen on dresses in the oval. If does go down that road, there’s no doubt his supporters will circle the wagons just as Slick Willie’s did back in the day. Trump groupies are identical to Clinton sycophants.

  4. Codevilla has some good points however our middle America is unlike any society that has ever existed, outside of the messed up Democrat metro areas we still have some decent, hard-working people who have both assets and strengths including the ability to defend themselves. Living here in the Texas Hill Country we might be a problem when they try to bring us into the fold. I am still cautiously optimistic about the hard times ahead and there will be hard times.

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