1. My dad used a powerful pellet rifle to pot vermin from inside his house. He sat way back in the living room and fired through a wide glass sliding door. He had to do that so he couldn’t be seen and wasn’t likely to be heard, shooting even a pellet gun outside in the city being illegal in the heart of the city and no doubt the animal killing too. Crows, magpies, pigeons and squirrels were his enemies and he had to be very patient waiting for one to cross his limited view port.

    The neighbours eventually figured it out and came over to speak to him about it. They asked him to move closer to the window and nail the little bastards in their yards too. When Dad died I asked one of them, a senior Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench, a big deal in these parts, if he wanted dad’s rifle. He hesitated, clearly wanting it, then said no, because dad could get away with it, but he didn’t think he could.

  2. The Vigilante Group Of New Yorkers Who Hunt Rats At Night (their dogs do all the heavy lifting)

    I could totally see myself doing this were I in those environs. My Setter/Munsterlander mix is quite an adept hunter here in the desert Southwest – rabbits, roadrunners, rodents.

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