Lost Weekends

Ahhhhh, when it’s a Bank Holiday (U.S. “long”) weekend, can the Train Smash Women be far behind?

Of course not:  they’re quite up front [sic] :


And, as usual, all over the place:

As we used to say (back when one could say such things):  “Take her ‘ome, Jimmy;  she’s ready.”

Follow the link:  there are approximately half a dozen regrettable decisions in every pic.


      1. I was briefly stationed in Berlin in 1993. There were loads of young, single Czech and Polish girls working there as nannies/au pairs. What a great time and place to be a young American soldier.

  1. I’ve seen much worse train smashers than that but you’ll notice that British girls are hard as nails, even near freezing weather doesn’t stop them from dressing in handkerchiefs!

    1. Well, it wasn’t in Liverpool or Newcastle; those cities are always good for the high(!)-quality slags and slappers.

  2. And hardly an omelette-complected virus-spreader among them.

    Where, for the love of humanity, are the ‘vibrant’ diversity!

    But, ‘ja’, with temperatures approaching freezing, they are tougher than me in my parka and mittens.
    Is locating a reproductive-age male so difficult in their tribe?
    One wonders…

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