Another Chink In Our Security

Here we go again:

A University of California-Los Angeles researcher has been arrested for allegedly throwing away a damaged hard drive while the FBI was investigating him for transferring sensitive U.S. data to China’s National University of Defense Technology.

As I noted in my post on a previous such incident, it would be a terrible thing if the spying motherfucker’s name was something like Professor Laydback Surferdude — but no, he’s an omelet-complexioned virus-spreader:

The U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday that 29-year-old Guan Lei “falsely den[ied] his association with the Chinese military” during interviews with federal law enforcement officials. Lei has since admitted that he participated in Chinese military training.
According to authorities, one of Lei’s faculty advisors in China also served in the Chinese military.
The Justice Department further alleged that Lei hid digital files from federal law enforcement and lied about having contact with the Chinese consulate during his time in the U.S.

I’m generally not a huge fan of piling on offenses just to add to the sentence, but I’m going to make an exception in this case because the little prick is so young.  So:  destruction of evidence (20 years), lying to a federal agent (5 years) and espionage (25 years), all sentences to run consecutively.

Or we could just shoot him in the back of the head, and make his family pay for the bullet — it’s what the ChiComs do to spies, after all.

I’m getting heartily sick of both this spying nonsense, and the aiding and abetting being given by academia.

We need to clean house, thoroughly, by expelling all Chinese nationals from faculty positions in academia.  And before the profs start squealing about “loss of intellectual capital” or some such bullshit, I would suggest that the only loss of intellectual capital is being caused by having these spies sending our work back to their Commie bosses.  Should our academic wailers wish to continue to work with these assholes, they should be quite free to do so:  in China.


  1. I much prefer the old Soviet expression that I learned from reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn as a youngin…9 grams in the back of the head. Lubyanka must have been a barrel of laughs.

  2. I think you’re piling on the wrong person. A) An American Prison is likely to be more comfortable than whatever rat infested hole his Communist Dynasty masters have him stuck in at home


    B) Shouldn’t we be jailing whatever brain dead academic hired the little shit in the first place? Granted “Ostentatious Stupidity” isn’t a legal charge, but we ought to be able to come up with SOMETHING.

  3. > I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again: In the 1930s we did not invite the Germans and Japanese
    > to work in our industries even remotely related to national defense,

    The statement might be *literally* true–we did not “invite” Germans (and certainly not Japanese) to work in our industries–we had little enough work for our own citizens–but there were tens of thousands of Germans, including naturalized citizens, and those on some sort visa living and working in the US during the 1930s.

    Also knowing how little “defense industry” we had in the US in the 1930s (FDR started ramping up the war machinery in 1940), it’s a sure bet that there were very few ethnic Germans working directly for companies that would eventually be part of the defense industry.

    We had lots of Germans and Italians working in Academia in the 1930s–remember that until 23 June 1941 Fascists and Nazis were considered part of the left wing–so it’s fairly likely that there were SOME sympathizers there.

    Remember that we “interned” some 11 thousand Germans and around 1800 Italians during the war. At least a few of these would have been in “national defense related industries” given that “national defense related” could be as far afield as pharmaceuticals and automobile manufacturing.

    Espionage in various forms has always been a part of warfare.

    That said, it is true that in the 1930s the US was still in the mindset and position that we were more interested in bringing technology from Europe to the US than in exporting knowledge to the rest of the world.

    1. “…but there were tens of thousands of Germans, including naturalized citizens, and those on some sort visa living and working in the US during the 1930s.”

      The largest ethnic demographic in the US in 1940, was not English, was not Italian, and wasn’t even Irish. It was German.

      Do the names Nimitz and Eisenhower ring a bell?

  4. The academic in charge is more than likely also some ” 1st generation import” from some other interesting competitor — India – So Korea – Saudi – Pakistan or some former Iron curtain hellhole . They just needed some designated fall guy to cover their own activities.

  5. I’m willing to bet the academics in charge of hiring the spy received their research money from chinese.
    Q — where did chinese get the cash to spend over-seas?
    A — America tax-payers in the form of ‘foreign aid’.
    I’m willing to bet part of the America foreign aid package requires investing in America.

    Mister guan lei is just the idjit left dangling exposed out on the tip.
    His betters work in nice offices in state and federal capitols owned by the State.

    If you are doubting the evidence seen by ‘your lying eyes’, just remember the magician mis-direct of nancy pelosi and her “…enemies of the State…” statement from last week.

    Firesign Theater, circa 1975, from their EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS WRONG album:
    “These are the aliens we told you about…”


    I have nothing against zionists or their devilish scheme for constant continual global chaos.
    They are efficient at their devilish scheme… I’ll give them that.
    I just wish for a chance to catch my breath now and then.

    You are certain I am committing the horridly-awful crime of not pro-semitism?
    Who taught you that?
    I’m willing to bet it was TheMainStreamMedia… owned by the Learned Elders?

    Q — What is TheFirstRule of creating/maintaining constant continual global chaos?
    A — Don’t get caught.
    The corollary:
    * If you get caught, point at the Chicago Italians or peking chinese or National Socialists… because everybody knows those people cannot be trusted.
    It was on televisionprogramming so it must be true.

    By-the-by, long live TheHolocaust©!

  6. Actually, we did. The two engineers responsible for designing the Ju-88 bomber had worked in the American aviation industry in the mid-1930s.

  7. A bit off-topic, but does it bother anyone else that they have the ‘crimes’ of Destruction of Evidence and Lying to the FBI on the list of charges? Seems pretty much “we didn’t do our jobs properly so we’re going to charge you with *something* out of spite.”

    1. Destruction of evidence has been around since Moses, so no surprises there.

      My only problem with the “lying to the feds” jive is that they can lie to you, without penalty.

      Which reminds me of that lawyer’s advice: “As far as I can remember” and “To the best of my recollection” and “I cannot recall” are all your friends during any interview with Teh Fuzz.

  8. My grandfather was a German trained tool and die maker who came to the US after WWI. When he tried to enlist at the start of WWII his company had him pulled as his skills were important to a critical defense industry.

  9. > Or we could just shoot him in the back of the head, and make his family pay for the bullet

    I disagree. It’s good to have some of their spies available for exchange when one of ours gets caught.

  10. “…I’m not quite sure why, or when, academia became so thoroughly corrupt as to pose a direct threat to our security, but it’s there now, both in the leftism it indoctrinates with and the intellectual property it sends to our enemies…”

    When we allowed the Judiciary to frown on the Moral Turpitude Clause in educational employment contracts.

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