1. I think my .22 might be tolerated in NY state – but not the black one. Seriously, encouraged is too strong a word. Cuomo said people like me weren’t wanted in NY, so I took him at his word, left for a free state, and bought a couple of guns that I wanted with all the money I’m not paying in taxes to NY.

  2. Kim,
    Urban-to-suburban flight is happening here in greater Chicago as well as NYFC. Demand, and prices, in the ‘burbs are up, and vacancies abound in the downtown and loop areas of the city. I don’t have specific figures, but fear that as dazzling lib-tard urbanites move out my way, they will infect the region with their views which created their urban messes in the first place. Maybe I need to find a quiet stretch of land out in Montana or Utah and live out my days.
    – Brad in IL

  3. Urban flight is happening over here in the UK too, but it’s nothing to do with taxes, racism, and whatnot but that people and companies have discovered that they can work effectively outside the office.

  4. We have some of these locusts landing down here in DFW, which is sad and disturbing.
    One such in my neighborhood appears to have come from California, and has adorned his lawn with Four Biden and one anti-trump signs.

    He’s also placed a BLM sign near his door. Should I see him, I’ll ask if he thinks that works like lambs blood on the door frame to tell the rioters to pass over his house.

    1. TechieDude,
      Please keep us informed if the lambs blood works for your new neighbor. I’ve seen several pictures of businesses that posted BLM signs and their businesses were destroyed anyway.

      I don’t think these rioters and looters care. They’ll loot, burn and destroy anything they can. Look what happened when they marched on the homes of various sympathetic mayors and such.

      I guess when these locusts come to town, buy more ammo, write and get involved in your local politician’s campaign, stock up on precious metals (brass, lead, copper) and stock up on food.


      1. Techie, have a sign made which reads: “Asshole Carpetbagger” (or, if you know exactly where he’s from, replace with “California Asshole” etc.) with a large arrow underneath, then stick it in your lawn with the arrow pointing to his house.
        Booby-trap the sign as appropriate.

  5. The People’s Democratic Republic of Connecticutistan isn’t a firearm utopia by any means. It’s better than NYC but that’s easy to beat.

    Modern sporting rifles are generally banned. Ammo is in short supply (see Kim’s cupboard is bare post). Normal capacity mags are pretty much banned too.

    Legally, the town has 8 weeks to review and approve or deny your License to carry pistols and revolvers but often take longer. If the town takes longer, that’s considered a constructive denial and the applicant can appeal. Unfortunately the appeal hearings are so back logged that you get your hearing several months or even over a year later. OFten the town they grants the temporary license right before the hearing. There is no fine on the town for delaying the issuance of a license to carry. Once you get the town temporary license, which isn’t good for anything, you can then take the paperwork to the state police to get your real, useful license. some towns are better than others for getting carry licenses.


      1. Might be worse than ILL-annoy, but not by very much.
        Legally, IL has 30-days to issue or deny a FOID. The program, managed by the IL State Police (ISP), has been taking so long for new applications, that the ISP got sued in Federal Court by SAF and IL State Rifle Assoc. Their lead plaintiff is a (squeaky clean) USMC vet simply seeking a FOID, so he can arm-up to protect his family in these uncertain times. https://www.saf.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/1-Complaint.pdf

  6. New York is just as anti 2A as Califrutopia. I lived in the upper Hudson Valley for 20 years… I walked away and took the losses. And I took a big financial hit… If New York state got wiped out with nukes, my only lament would be that they didn’t get the ones that fled from their voting consequences.
    All I can say about the riots is “Africa wins again”

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