Monday Funnies

…except for Mondays.  I always know when it’s Monday.  So here’s something to help me (and y’all) forget what damn day it is:

As The Englishman reminds me: 

Black oLives Matter.

And speaking of rioting assholes, a quick commercial message:

Back to the office:

Speaking of wannabe office-holders:

And other stupid gummint stuff:

And speaking of health, I have to go for a routine checkup later, so:


And finally:

I’d offer to hold them for her, but it’s really difficult running as a tripod.

And here we see the danger of un-gripped breasteses:

Now drive yourselves to drink  work.


  1. Seen recently:

    She: I watched my first porn yesterday.

    He: Well, did you like it?

    She: I was so young then.

  2. That’s a Facel Vega there.

    Later edit.
    I did a search on Facel Vega before I posted. I didn’t want to be embarrassed by an automotive mis-identification in this venue. That would be as bad as calling a 1911 a Hi-Power. There I read that Sir Stirling Moss, one of my childhood heroes, had owned one. Then I remembered his sister Pat had been a remarkable lady rally driver married to the Swedish legend rally driver Erik ‘On the Roof’ Carlsson for SAAB in the ring-ding days. Sir Sterling passed away earlier this year at the age of 90.

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