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SOTI I saw this as a cure for a hangover:

Okay, this looks like something an expensive hotel would serve, just to build the tab.  Here’s my revision:

Adding anything but ice or water to booze makes expensive booze taste like cheap booze, and the more extraneous shit you add, the worse.  Don’t ask me how I know this.

If you really want to have food wrapped around booze, pour a glass of anything into a bowl of cold minestrone.  It won’t make you any sicker than a Bloody Mary, and is much cheaper.  Don’t ask me how I know this, either.

And if you MUST have a Bloody Mary:  vodka + tomato juice, with maybe a little salt and pepper.



  1. “Adding anything but ice or water to booze makes expensive booze taste like cheap booze, and the more extraneous shit you add, the worse. ”

    The rule in my house is that if I catch you mixing my good whiskey (typically Glenmorangie 10 YO) with ANYTHING except a SMALL amount of ice or water, I will skin you alive, roll you in rock salt, set you on fire until you stop screaming and nail your hide to my garage door pour encourager les autres.

    I’m OK with using decent whiskey (like Jim Beam Black for bourbon) to make something like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned, because there’s little enough other stuff to really screw up the taste, so you can tell the difference between the good-ish stuff and the crap.

    As for vodka, if you’re drinking much above Stoly you’re wasting your money and falling for marketing (paging Grey Goose and Absolut).

    One final rant on the topic of booze, martinis are made with GIN. A vodka-martini is like a bourbon rum-and-coke. Now there’s nothing WRONG with vodka and vermouth, it’s just not a martini. Call it “I-want-to-look-sophisticated-and-shit-but-I-think-gin-tastes-like-the-water-from-the-florists-flower-bucket” Or is that too long a name?

  2. So this girl’s recipe for an Old Fashioned wouldn’t be good then?

    2 oz Jameson
    1 tsp simple syrup
    2 dashes bitters
    garnish with lemon and orange peel twists

    She makes a big deal about using a single large ice block so that it doesn’t melt much and dilute it.

  3. One of the points of a hangover remedy is to restore salt to your system, so why would you ever use “low sodium” anything unless you don’t know what the fuck you are doing?

    Steak and eggs. That’s your remedy, lots of salt and pepper, black coffee. If you are in Peru, sub out a giant plate of ceviche (again, with lots of salt.)

    Either way, if you are going to have alcohol with it, have a michelada. Ice, lime, worcestershire sauce (for the salt), more salt, hot sauce, and the cheapest beer you have in your fridge (which should be either tecate or modelo especial.)

  4. Low sodium V-8 is high in potassium, at one time years ago I was trying to do the right thing drinking that crap at the same time I was recovery from kidney cancer. When I went in for a blood work check up I scared the hell out of the docs when my numbers on kidney function were all screwed up with way too much potassium, that stuff can’t be any good for you.

    As for have a vodka salad in the morning those Bloody Mary’s can range from nasty to totally disgusting, my father in law with my first wife was a drunk, Irish, Texas, Oil Man who could always lose more money than he made. Christmas at that house was lots of booze with Bloody Mary’s that had too much Tabasco, too much Worcestershire, too much vodka with lots celery, lemons and the only thing worse was his Egg Nog, thick, snot with bourbon the night before.

  5. Why try to beat perfection with a home made bloody? You don’t want to cut and squeeze all that shit anyway. I use “Zing Zang” bloody mary mix. After shaking, I could drink it plain. Put your 2oz. vodka with a splash or two of this (handily in the frig), and you’re done. Add bacon if you want a manly garnish!

  6. Wait. There’s differences in Vodka besides price?
    I vowed long ago that if I couldn’t taste the difference, I wouldn’t pay the difference.

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