1. Teeny Weenie, Social Justice Warrior who used to be called Bobby Little Balls says, “Yes there are guns in my tiny pants and I glad to see you, now you are required to call me Androgynous Annie.”

  2. After agreeing to go on a blind date, Caleb discovered that his so-called friends had a cruel sense of humor.

    1. In that vein, it’s noteworthy that the subject of this competition is, in fact, Josef Stalin’s granddaughter, Chrese Evans.

  3. I’m a little prairie flower
    Growing wilder by the hour
    No one cares to cultivate me
    I’m as wild as wild can be

    …H. Allen Smith

  4. hid·e·ous


    1. ugly or disgusting to look at.

    “his smile made him look more hideous than ever”

    as ugly as sin
    like the back end of a bus

    2. extremely unpleasant.

    “the whole hideous story”


  5. That shirt cries out to be used for it’s intended purpose.

    Might I suggest the .416 Barrett, Kim? It would be a fine pairing with that particular ballistic reception implement.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. In 1977 the US embraced the UK’s annual “Twit of the Year” competition. The 1990’s saw the first gay and lesbian entrants, and in 2018 organizers of the competition admitted that their lack of rules did indeed allow bisexual, trans, non-binary, queer, etc. entrants. “We have never discriminated against any twits” their spokesperson said “We don’t care about gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, political persuasion, or country of origin. If you’re here, in the US and you’re a twit, you can enter!”

    We see here one of the first entrants to the 2020 US Twit of the Year Competition Mx. Chris Terry of California. Unfortunately Mx. Terry attended the Big Sandy Shoot, where they were mistaken for a target and were last seen as an expanding pink mist. MX.Terry is still in the competition for Twit of the Year, and suddenly, the Darwin Awards as well. Good luck Chris!

  7. No caption suggestions, but from this grumpy old phart’s perspective, if this weirdo is of sufficiently good character to be allowed to possess weapons then I’m fine with it. I don’t judge people’s character by their looks. That said, I wouldn’t want to date it, but I’d share a lane at the range any time. 2A is 2A.

    1. CW, well, that was a dash of cold water. You make a good point. If the individual pictured above just wanted to shoot or what ever the activity was, I wouldnt have a problem, but if the focus was on his lack of fashion sense…
      I would point out, that , unless he was trying to facilitate his transition, that “mexican carry”isnt the safest way to carry your gat.

      1. To be fair, we haven’t seen the weapon the belt of ammunition is meant for – at the moment all I can see is a weirdo and a few props. Maybe the revolver and semi are real, I doubt the AR is more than a BBQ lighter. and the belt? It’s not .308.

        But if he/she/it is really just hanging at the range, well, good luck to them. I don’t judge range mates by their looks – hell I am a cowboy shooter!

        Most interesting day I had at the range was in San Diego a few years ago, took the girls to give it a go. A big fat mexican dude was shooting a black 9mm, in the next lane. Then he pulled out a .454 Causul revolver.

        Booom! i could feel the concussion, so could the other lanes, we popped out like Gophers to see what was going on.

        He let me shoot off a round. Wow. Fun+++ Like feeling the bass at a good concert. If your internal organs don’t move, you aren’t serious.

        He was a really nice bloke, and great to chat to. I never make assumptions about people who love our sport.

  8. Kamala [pronounced camel-LAH] was recognized by her peers with an ‘Outstanding In Her Field’ award.

  9. Standing an even three meters in her stalking feet, Kamala [pronounced come-A-lah] is on record as the tallest person to hold an AR variant.

    A ‘Polaroid©’ moment.

  10. Eager for the next phase in the promotional photo shoot for Sheertex© Pantyhose — We Dare You To Rip Them [motto: “10x stronger than steel, but lighter than water.”] [other motto: “Female owned!”] [I am not making this up], Kamala [pronounced Kay-mla] awaits a finishing touch-up from her personal beautician.

    I receive no compensation for my mention of the Sheertex© Pantyhose — We Dare You To Rip Them product line.
    Nor should I.

    [I’m really not making this up]

  11. Striking a ‘contented’ pose after ‘mowing’ her property with her .30-06 belt-fed AR variant, Kamala [pronounced co-MEL (the ‘a’ is silent)] breathes a sigh of relief!

  12. Busted with a cigarette in her hand, Kamala [pronounced with a soft ‘c’, as ‘say-mla’] is trying really really hard to stop putting her mouth on bad things…

  13. In a major trolling effort by several posters on QAnon, AntiFa members are now sporting ‘Center Mass’ tank tops after being told the red dot and black rings “are a symbol that makes Christians and other racists run in fear.”

  14. Despite the bad luck he experienced the last time he tried “Eunuch” Carry, Barry insisted that it was a viable carry style keeping his pistol at the ready.

    1. Barry told everyone that he had to take out a loan to make it to this year’s rifle-pistol competition, and that for collateral he put up the family jewels.

  15. If Chelsea Clinton and Pinhead had a love child, that is it!
    Going to need stronger drink to erase that image from my brain (ambles off to find the Glenlivet)

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